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Enter the graphene era 04/27/15, via Cosmos

In 2014, in a paper published in Nature Materials, Jonathan Coleman and colleagues at Trinity College, Dublin, found that with the right detergent, a kitchen blender was strong enough to peel graphite apart to provide large quantities of cheap, high

Recording the sixth extinction 10/24/14, via Cosmos

Mass extinctions have occurred on the planet five times already and we are heading for another one. But this time we have no one to blame but ourselves. Robert Edis welcomes a measured contribution to discussion of the crisis. Click to listen to this

Blender 2.5 Planks Physics Game Tutorial - Part 1

Download links in Description. This is a tutorial to help you get started creating your own interactive planks physics game using Blender 2. 5. Blender 2. 5 (free.


Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering

Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd 2010

ISBN 1847199895,9781847199898
252 pages

Annotation Blender 3D is a popular, open source modeling and animation package. It is used for game design, architectural visualization, character design, animation, and still images. However, creating believable lighting and texturing is difficult in any 3D program. This step-by-step tutorial aims to familiarize you with Blender's new interface and basic features as well as take a look at what it takes to produce a believable scene using lighting, texturing, compositing, and rendering. By using the example of a tricycle in an outdoor scene you will learn to establish an effective workflow to increase your productivity. You will also thoroughly studying the scene and deciding how your tricycle would look on a sunny, cloudless day using Blender lamps. Not just that, you will also learn...

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UT Medical Center's diabetes class provides healthy lifestyle tips - 09/08/15, via Knoxville News Sentinel

A tutorial on reading labels and using the hand to determine ... Nutritional facts per serving: 127 calories, 3.5 grams total fat, 33 milligrams sodium, 25 grams carbohydrates, 2.5 grams fiber. University of Tennessee Healthy Living Kitchen Classes What ...

Dermatologist tutorial helps minimize acne Rx side effects - 06/24/15, via Medical Xpress

fixed-dose combination adapalene 0.1 percent and benzoyl peroxide 2.5 percent gel (A-BPO) is more efficacious than benzoyl peroxide (BPO), with similar skin irritation levels that can be improved with dermatologists' tutorials for A-BPO application ...

File Converter File Blender - 10/20/09, via Ghacks Technology News

What this means is that a user can either download File Blender with all supported conversion packages (images, audio, pdf/tiff and js/css) or only some. It is even possible to add other converters to the program if they support command line operations.


  1. Blender 3D Design Course - All PDF Tutorials The PDF tutorials accompany each learning Unit. They are usually quite long and detailed. There are many, many ways in Blender to model almost anything.
  2. Tutorials - - Home of the Blender project ... This Blender 2.5 modeling tutorial shows you the basics of modeling a entire building exterior from photo references. Modeling a Human Head Base Mesh. In this ...
  3. Doc:2.6/Tutorials - BlenderWiki - Main Page - BlenderWiki Blender 2.6; User Manual; Tutorials; Books; ... Blender Development; Blender 2.5; 2.59 Python API (external link) Blender Development; Blender 2.4; User Manual ...
Blender Basics Part 5 - Understanding Materials Part 1 on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
Blender Basics Part 5 - Understanding Materials Part 1 on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
In this session I will discuss the first half of the material panel in Blender 2.5x to include the options available for general settings, material slots, saving and editing materials, shaders, and extended shading options. I will continue with the rest of the material panel in part 2 at a later date. A PDF version of this tutorial is available for download at my site Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Hans B Erickson.
Photo by hansberickson on Flickr
Blender 2.5 Quick Start 1 PDF
Blender 2.5 Quick Start 1 PDF
Montaje y edicion de video con Blender 2.5 PDF
Montaje y edicion de video con Blender 2.5 PDF
blender 2.5 tutorials pdf download
blender 2.5 tutorials pdf download