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Download of the day: Blender 01/23/15, via TechRadar

Learning the ropes when it comes to 3D modelling can be a time consuming process, so why pay for a program before you feel confident? Blender is a genuinely comprehensive, professional 3D modelling program that is available completely for free, making 


Download of the day: Sketchup 12/17/14, via TechRadar

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The best way to import CAD file in Blender

In this video tutorial I show you how to import, in a very simple and fast way, the CAD files in DXF format, in Blender. I explain how to use a very good free CAD.


Blender 3D

Blender 3D

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd 2008

ISBN 9781847193681,1847193684
332 pages

The book consists of a lot of exciting examples, which are shaped using the various features of Blender. It consists of step-by-step instructions leading you to realistic models of buildings, landscapes, and more. A collection of amazing screenshots will add up excitement to your learning experience. You can build realistic 3D models that can be used while creating different animation projects. The printed version of the book is in black and white, but a full color version of the images is available for download here. The eBook version, available from Packt, is in full color.This book is for architects, game designers, artists, or movie makers who want to create realistic buildings, interiors, and scenery using Blender 3D, a free, open-source graphics tool. This book is not a general...

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Download of the day: Blender - TechRadar

Build stunning 3D models, flesh them out and animate them, or even create your own games – it's all possible in Blender , and totally for free. Blender is a genuinely comprehensive, professional 3D modelling program that is available completely for free, making it ideal if you're dabbling in 3D work but don't want to shell out a small fortune if you're not even sure it's for you. Whether you want to create photorealistic renderings for use as product mockups, or you just want a quick creation to help you sketch out an idea, Blender has the tools available to help you achieve your goal. So, for example, there's support for HDR (high dynamic range) lighting to help you ensure your models are perfectly lit, easy weight painting and skinning to turn skeletons into fleshed out models, powerful animation and sculpting tools and much... Blender also has its own compositor, so there's no need to export your work to a third party app – saving you even more money. The same goes for Blender's game engine, which allows you to code in game logic, Python scripting and more. There really is an amazing array of features available in Blender, which seems all the more incredible given it's completely free and open source. Key features Works on: PC, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD Versions: Free Create 3D models: At its core, Blender is a 3D modelling program, so you'll find everything you need right here Create games: Blender has its own game engine, so you can create assets...


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Do these Linux “CAD” applications stand up to the standards? - 09/11/09, via Ghacks Technology News

Wings 3D offers a users manual and tutorials for those who aren't sure where to begin. If you take a look at the Blender Gallery you will see many reasons why Blender is on of the most popular CAD applications in Linux. I should make mention, however ...


  1. Blender 3D importing DWG files? •Blender 3D Architect Blender 3D importing DWG files? If you work with architectural visualization and 3d modeling with Blender, you probably have faced a problem like receive a full set ...
  2. Blender - Official Site Home of the open source 3D graphics and animation software. Official Blender downloads, galleries, conferences, tutorials, and links.
  3. Extensions:2.4/Py/Scripts/Export/DXF - BlenderWiki DXF Exporter Export geometery to DXF or DWG file format. UI location File → Export → Autodesk (.dxf .dwg)... Version 1.37 - 2010.06.23 Author(s)
Blender, Modern made with MeshMixer
Blender, Modern made with MeshMixer
DWG TrueView Ekran Görüntüleri
DWG TrueView Ekran Görüntüleri
Free DWG Viewer Ekran Görüntüleri
Free DWG Viewer Ekran Görüntüleri

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