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Poser 11: Poser's not dead and a new version is on its way 08/06/15, via Digital Arts Online

Poser has been around for 20-odd years, sometimes used for previz or as a cost-effective alternative to character animation tools in Motionbuilder, Maya or 3ds Max, but probably even more so as a 'studio' in which to build digital art scenes. Rather


Pay what you want for 115+ hours of in-depth game design training 07/16/15, via TechSpot

Whether you want to jump-start a career developing games or are just looking for a new tech hobby to get into, this bundle is a great place to get started. It features You'll also learn all the tools of the trade, including Unity 3D, Blender, 3ds

Which One Should I Use? 3ds Max/Maya/Blender Etc...

Here I give my view on the eternal debate about what 3d modelling/animation package should people use. Please comment if you agree/disagree, I want to.


Digital Modeling

Digital Modeling

Published by New Riders 2011

ISBN 9780321712646,0321712641
432 pages

Professional modeling is the foundation of every aspect of the 3D production pipeline and is essential to the success of any 3D computer graphics project. [digital] Modeling is unlike any other modeling book you’ve seen—it gets to the core of what it takes to create efficient production-ready models and demystifies the process of producing realistic and jaw-dropping graphics. Taking a software-neutral approach, it teaches you the essential skills and concepts that you can apply to modeling in any industry 3D software, such as 3ds Max, LightWave 3D, Maya, Modo, Silo, XSI, ZBrush and other leading programs. Modelers, animators, texture artists, and technical directors can all benefit from the valuable information covered in this jam-packed guide containing years of industry knowledge....

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Squash and stretch- When an object or character squashes and stretches to maintain mass/volume. Anticipation- Preparation for an action that the audience understands for example someone jumping would need to crouch before the jump, this is anticipation. Staging- directing an audience’s attention to a certain object or character. Straight ahead action and pose to pose- This is two different way of drawing/producing animations. Straight ahead action is when the animator drawing frame by frame in time order. Pose to pose is when main action is drawn first and then the animator goes back and fills in the gaps. Follow through and overlapping action- follow through is when loose parts of character carry on moving once they have stopped for example if they are wearing a cape then it will continue to move even after the character has stopped. Overlapping action is when body parts move at different rates. Slow in and slow out- when a movement of an object or character eases in and out like a pendulum. Arc- everything in the natural world moves in arcs therefor so does everything in animation. Secondary action- is to add life to a character such as smoking a pipe. Exaggeration- adds a comedy effects and can bring animations to life. Solid drawing- giving objects and characters weight and consider the space in 3d. Adding lighting and shadows. Appeal- allows characters to be relatable, cute and a favourite of to allow the audience to know who is a villain or hero. The way in which it merges with live action produces incredible effects, adds unbelievable characters and extends sets and scenes. Companies such as MPC and Double Negative produce magical/mystical creatures to be integrated in to live actions footage. They have produced films such as “PAUL” which is based on an alien on earth. The alien obviously isn’t real, he produced using 3D software and been animated and then composited into the live footage. As well as a mix of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and live footage other company’s produce complete 3D computer generated films. Disney Pixar is well known for now producing these films. “Frozen” was there latest film and was a massive hit, all of the characters and the environments were produced using 3D software. Another way in which 3D can be used within films is for scenes/set extension “The Life of Pi” is a brilliant example, basically the whole film was filmed within a studio but to watch it’s an exotic magical land. Things such as green screens and blue screens are used to place live/real characters into these CG scenes. Makeup artists, animatronics and people in costumes aren’t used so much anymore because a more realistic version can be produced within 3D software but then again there are people within these areas such as modellers, animators, texturing and... The gaming industry is popular due to the wide range of genres and the way in which players can be immersed into the gameplay. Gaming is now more social than ever, playing online and chatting with people from the other side of the world as well as playing with friends. People no longer need to have people around at their house or for more than one controller they can be in their own home and still compete and play against one another. Games allow their players to become part of another world or do things that they would never be allowed to do it’s a way of escaping and enjoying something. Similar to films games visuals have developed and are becoming more realistic as well as the animations within games. A development that has taken place to allow the players to fully emerge within the games is the virtual reality headset. The players put this on and when their head moved the game character will also look in that direction, it allows a simulation the player is in the game. This concept of putting players in the game is still developing and the “omni” is being developed its similar to a treadmill it allows the players to move the in game character by walking/running etc. basically the in game character that they are playing mimics there moments. 3Ds Max is for modelling animation and rendering. Maya is comprehensive 3d animation software also renders. Cinema 4D is 3D models, animation and rendering Blender is also for modelling rendering and animation.

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New Titan X's for Iray rendering in 3ds Max? - 05/06/15, via Tom's Hardware

It is obvious from the Titan X vs ... Blender, Octane, Lux and rat, with the exception of iray which Nvidia develop. So this cannot be a driver or hardware issue, but crippling though the iray software. Its just simple logic. I’ve been using 3ds max ...

PC to run 3Ds Max, Blender and Unity Engine - 05/13/14, via Tom's Guide

I would go with the AMD build since 3DS MAX can use all 8 cores of the ... Go for Seasonic, XFX and Corsair (not CX, RM or VS). if you can afford i7 4771 it would be best. at stock its faster than max OCed AMD. It's faster for games, since its intel ...

3D for Designers - Maya vs 3DS Max vs Blender - 05/05/14, via Tom's Guide

Oddly enough, I posted this on a Graphic Design forum and got very (almost no) response. I'm looking to learn a 3D program, but not for games/animation/film but rather just for product images. Mocking up packaging, making it look like a photo and using ...


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Blender (freeware) VS Autodesk 3ds Max (shareware)
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Thread: 3ds max VRAY vs Blender CYCLES (test)
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Blender vs 3DS max
Blender vs 3DS max
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