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The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers' recipes for sopa Azteca, and grilled ... 08/01/15, via The Guardian

Whizz briefly with a stick blender, and add a little more stock if you prefer a thinner soup. Cut the remaining tortillas into quarters, then stack these on top of each other and cut into thin strips. Heat 200ml vegetable oil in a wok or frying pan

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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Sneaking fruits and vegetables into breakfast 08/01/15, via The Albany Herald

#I want to continue providing you with some recipes that sneak in added nutrients in the form of pureed fruits and vegetables. Muffins are the perfect breakfast for those on the run in the morning. They can be made ahead of #Just a little reminder

Garden Vegetable Soup - A Fast, Healthy and Delicious Raw Food Recipe

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148+ Healthy Green Recipes, Vegetable & Fruit Blender Recipes

148+ Healthy Green Recipes, Vegetable & Fruit Blender Recipes

Published by Speedy Publishing LLC 2014

ISBN 9781635015607,163501560X
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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: Sneaking fruits and vegetables into breakfast - 08/02/15, via Albany Herald

I want to continue providing you with some recipes that sneak in added ... and cut up the vegetable into chunks, steam in the microwave until tender, and puree with a little water in a blender until smooth. How about scrambled eggs with added cauliflower?

Recipe fail? 10 ways to avoid pitfalls - 08/02/15, via Naples Daily News

Recipes hold such delicious promise ... cut into 1/4-inch cubes Cut or work the butter into the flour with a pastry blender or your fingertips, leaving some of the butter in fairly large, irregular pieces. This will take 1 or 2 minutes.

Natalie Coleman's recipes for British cherry season - 08/01/15, via WesternDailyPress

Tomorrow we're doing little chicken shish kebabs and flatbreads and a 'slaw – they don't realise how many vegetables they're getting, and we're doing muffins with cherries in them." Here are three of Natalie's recipes ... using a spice blender or pestle ...


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Easter Salad
Easter Salad
I had a thought for what to bring to an Easter potluck, but then didn't have the time to make it. I was scrambling and reading The Savory Way for ideas. This not-creamy waldorf type salad jumped out at me. It turned out FANTASTIC! Obviously, feel free to increase, decrease, add, subtract or substitute to your hearts content.. it's a tossed salad after all :) Apple Celery Nut Salad 1 granny smith apple 1 gala or fuji apple 4 celery sticks, including the leafy tops 1/4 cup chopped parseley 1 green onion 1/3 cup raisins 2 cups leaf lettuce, like mesulun or baby greens 1 cup nuts - I used a mix of hazelnuts and pecans, but almonds or walnuts would be really good too. Core and chop apples but don't worry about peeling them. Slice celery thinly and chop leafy tops. Slice geen onion finely, including the whites and the green. Break or very coarsely chop the nuts. Combine everything in a bowl with as much of the following dressing as you would like - go easy, the salad is so...
Photo by AlyssssylA on Flickr
Spinach Soup ingredients
Spinach Soup ingredients
How to make spinach soup: First, catch your spinach... Here's the basic recipe I followed: Fry your onion and garlic until soft. Add diced potato, fry a bit longer. Add vegetable stock, simmer until potato is cooked. Add some milk (I reckon this could probably be missed out), bring back to the simmer. Add half the spinach, and some lemon zest. Put the lid on the pot for 10-15 minutes until the spinach is all wilted down. Cool. Add to blender. Add the remaining spinach to the blender. (apparently this helps make it a nice rich green) Blend. Return to pot and heat. Season, add grated nutmeg. Put in bowls, swirl with some double cream.
Photo by duncan on Flickr
baba ganouj
baba ganouj
roast 4 cloves of garlic, eggplant, red bell pepper, and onion in a pot with olive oil for like an hour at 375. then mush it up with the immersion blender and mixed in a third of a cup of lemon juice. served here on lettuce and shredded carrot.
Photo by telepathicparanoia on Flickr
Vegan_Chunky_Vegetable_Soup_with_Sundried_Tomato_Pistou_640_480_84auto ...
Vegan_Chunky_Vegetable_Soup_with_Sundried_Tomato_Pistou_640_480_84auto ...
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