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Complete New York Giants Training-Camp Preview 07/30/15, via Bleacher Report

That's right: On Thursday, July 30, Big Blue is set to open its annual summer training camp during a time of year when the humidity and heat should be off the charts for a team that collectively has a lot at stake. In a moment, I'll break down

PETS: Be ready to evacuate in case of fire 07/04/15, via Red Bluff Daily News

Do not forget to add feeding dishes and a can opener. Add these other essential items: A first aid kit that includes a two-week supply of any medications the pet requires; a sheet that lists dietary restrictions, feeding schedules, etc. and photocopies

Titanium Dog Tag Bottle Opener

IG: manglonaknives.


The Consumption of Inequality

The Consumption of Inequality

Published by Palgrave Macmillan 2013

ISBN 9781137352491,1137352493
240 pages

The fads, fashions, and media in popular consumer culture frequently make recreational and ideological "fun" of poverty and lower class living. It is a phenomenon that puts poor whites, poor blacks, women, gays, handicapped people, and other traditional minorities back in "their place" by prioritizing self-aggrandizing materialism and individual desires over the collective good and constitutes a form of cultural denial. In this book, Halnon delineates how incarceration, segregation, stigmatization, cultural and social consecration, and carnivalization work in the production and consumption of inequality.

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Beer Company Rewards Rugby Players With Bottle Opener Teeth Implants - 05/02/15, via

Science and innovation has reached an all time high this week when Salta Beer, the official sponsor of the Rugby Union of Argentina, created a tooth implant that acts as a bottle opener. These bottle openers were created because Salta wanted “to give ...

Argentinian beer company replaces the missing teeth of rugby players with bottle openers - 05/01/15, via Mirror

That way, if you invite an Argentinian Rugby player to any party, you'll be sure to have a bottle opener on hand. The only downside is, you'll have to stick your drink in someone else's mouth first. The replacement teeth are made of metal, obviously ...

Grim Fandango - Year 2, metal detector, forklift, VIP pass, betting slips, dog tags, baster - 01/27/15, via Eurogamer

This will knock him out, at which point you can take the dog tags from his body. Go to the cat-racing track ... Head back to the first page for the rest of our Grim Fandango walkthrough.


  1. Custom Dog Tag Bottle Openers - ... Available as a regular Dog Tag or a Dog Tag Opener, ... Bottle Openers. Kolorcoat™ (Full Color) V-Rod® Openers; Speed Openers; Dog Bone Openers; Hammerhead™ Openers;
  2. Dog Tag Bottle Opener Dog Tag Bottle Opener. Amazon Try Prime All ... Side Slot Dog Tag Bottle Openers Nickel Plated Steel 25 Pieces. by Ball Chain Manufacturing. $34.95 $39.95.
  3. Dog Tag Bottle Openers - Bar Products, Bar Supplies ... Never lose that bottle opener again with our fun and fashionable Dog Tag Bottle Openers. Each full-color opener comes complete with a 23.74" beaded chain. Great for ...
friday night: communism & beer
friday night: communism & beer
Since my stream is apparently now all Jamelah all the time, I guess I'll tell you that tonight I'm going to catch up on the TV I missed this week and (maybe) finish a story I started writing last weekend. I'm thrilling, I know.
Photo by jamelah on Flickr
inside my everyday pack
inside my everyday pack
My junk. Yes, I have a lot of junk. Yes, I carry this everyday. Don't ask me why I carry 3 flashlights (5 if you count the one on the pen one more on the multi-tool) - I can't answer that question either. Also, I'm looking for a similarly sized bag that has more pockets for organizing my stuff. The contents of the kit just left of center are in another photo in this stream.
Photo by drive by shooter on Flickr
shelf full of treasures. the little plastic figurines, i didn't label them. found them at the dumps, don't know much about them other than that they fit in my pockets easily.
Photo by metalkpirate1day on Flickr
... Novelty & Gifts > Key Rings > Rothco Dog Tag Bottle Opener w/ Chain
... Novelty & Gifts > Key Rings > Rothco Dog Tag Bottle Opener w/ Chain
Dog Tag Beer Bottle Openers, Dog Tag Openers,
Dog Tag Beer Bottle Openers, Dog Tag Openers,
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  • KaliMarcum Cool Personalized #DogTags MILITARY BRANCHES Gr8 Colors BOTTLE OPENER All✰Star✰Military #Military #CoolStuff #eBay
  • surfacingpoint I almost bought this beer today just for the dog tag bottle opener.
  • KaliMarcum Cool Personalized #DogTags MILITARY BRANCHES Gr8 Colors BOTTLE OPENER All✰Star✰Military #Military #CoolStuff #eBay

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