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9 Food Hacks That'll Make Your Life Exponentially Better 07/30/15, via Huffington Post

Okay, we've all been there: 3 hours of searching #lifehacks on Pinterest just to save a couple minutes of our time. Let us spare your precious time by avoiding the mindless searching. Here are some food hacks that are a combination of weird and

Ashes 2015: England v Australia, third Test, day two – as it happened 07/30/15, via The Guardian

54th over: Australia 166-7 (Nevill 36, Starc 6) Just a couple of overs left today, and Broad wants to make the most of the first one, still firing hard at Mitchell Starc and almost clipping the off stump with an angled delivery that Starc plays at and

Make your own Bottle Opener

How to make a simple Bottle opener out of wood. Please subscribe for more easy to do Projects.


The Pub Quiz & Puzzle Book

The Pub Quiz & Puzzle Book

Published by Arcturus Publishing 2011

ISBN 9781848584136,184858413X

Meeting friends at the pub is something most of us look forward to, but there are times when it's hard work, and you end up staring into your drink for something to do. If this sounds all too familiar, don't fret, a potent antidote to tedium is at hand - The Pub Quiz & Puzzle Book. With this collection of fun puzzles, challenges, traditional...

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Under-21 crowd not new to local bars

A flickering strobe light illuminated The Standard, a dark College Avenue nightclub, as punches were thrown and bodies were grabbed in a March melee. Champagne bottles whirled through the air. In the middle of the fight, according to a Tallahassee Police Department incident report, was 19-year-old Florida State linebacker Jacob Pugh and 20-year-old defensive back Ryan Green. Pugh, a 6-foot-4 Godby High School graduate, was hit in the head with a bottle, so was a bouncer. Ryan Lyte, a 23-year-old self-identified songwriter and mixed martial arts fighter, said it all started when Pugh knocked his cell phone out of his hands and punched him in the face. Pugh denied hitting him but admitted to slapping the phone after someone poured liquor on him. The parties gave conflicting reports to TPD investigators. That fracas is one of several in recent months involving underage FSU players and other students at Tallahassee bars. Earlier this month, head coach Jimbo Fisher kicked 19-year-old quarterback De’Andre Johnson off the team the day a video surfaced of him socking a woman in the face at Yiannis in June. The night before Johnson’s punch, witnesses reported 19-year-old running back Dalvin Cook hit a woman in the face outside the South Adams Street haunt Clyde’s and Costello’s. Both Cook and Johnson face misdemeanor battery charges. The incidents have brought unwanted attention to the university and its football program and beg the question: Why are underage students in bars in the first place. “State law does not address patron-age minimums for establishments with an alcoholic beverage license,” said Chelsea Eagle, a Department of Business and Professional Regulation spokeswoman. “Local municipalities or counties may, however, enact ordinances regarding age restrictions in these establishments. Tallahassee — like the majority of Florida cities — has not adopted a law to restrict what age a person must be to enter a bar. Over the years, many popular college hang-outs such as Coliseum, Red Rocks, Encore and Ken’s Tavern among others, cater to the under-21 crowd. But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it should be done, some say. Cook and Johnson’s behavior pushed Fisher to ban his players from the bar scene. Even FSU President John Thrasher addressed the team. The former state senator told the Tallahassee Democrat that having 18-year-olds in bars is just a bad idea. I am not a prude about it, but I just think good practice and good citizenship on behalf of some of these proprietors, they ought to realize that’s not a good thing to do,” Thrasher said. “They ought to stay out of there. I told the football team the other day, the best defense against that kind of activity happening is not to be there. ‘Everyone just wants to blame a bar’. The reality of living in a college town like Tallahassee is that thousands of freshmen, sophomores and juniors are looking for something to do. Select bars provide that, even though it’s not always pretty. In June, a 19-year-old balled up his fist and hit a security guard in the mouth at Encore Lounge, after he and his friends were questioned about their armbands. In February, a suspect who later turned out to be 16, was kicked out of Encore for fighting. In January, a 19-year-old Tallahassee Community College student punched a 21-year-old FSU student in the face outside Ken’s Tavern to settle a tiff they had inside, according to TPD reports. So far this year, dozens of other incidents of assault were reported at other 18-plus bars that run specials like “White Trash Wednesdays,” “Purgatory” and “Mandatory Make Out Mondays. Owners maintain they’re not doing anything wrong by playing to a crowd they say is free to make its own decisions. The bars are more than just booze, they say. “When something happens, everyone just wants to blame a bar,” said Dan Gilbertson, the owner of Potbelly’s and the board chairman of the industry group Tallahassee Concerned Vendors. What it really comes down to is decision making, he said. A patron purposely skirting the law to get drinks underage or acting out is not something a bar creates, but what it inherits. “Why would you deny someone who’s an adult access somewhere. “Do you assume they’re just going to stay home and play chess. If anything, he said, bars like his provide supervision for under-aged crowds. “A bar is a.

Source: Chelsea Eagle
Bridal Party Engraved Bottle Opener

Wedding Gifts

Outfit your entire bridal party with their very own engraved bottle opener. Personalize this opener with any wedding title#44; any name and your wedding date. These personalized bottle openers make ideal gifts that say "thank you" for being by your side on your special day. Shop more personalized groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts


Rockler Pizza Cutter and Bottle Opener Turning Kit Combo, Pewter Finish

Root Catalog

Enjoy the classic combo of pizza and beer or soda with this combination of pizza cutter and bottle opener turning kits-both offered in an attractive pewter finish. The jumbo 4" diameter wheel on the cutter rolls through your pizzas easy as pie. Robust, well-balanced hardware is 3X the weight of competing cutters and the blade is made from stainless steel for corrosion protection. The opener boasts heavy construction with a pewter finish that is built to last. Just add your own custom handles (not included) to top them off to your taste. Both kits include a 5/16" threaded insert that lets you attach the handles or remove them for dishwasher cleaning. A 7/16" drill bit is required for soft woods or a 1/2" drill bit for hardwoods. Patent pending. Methods to consider for installing the threaded insert: Use a 5/16" bolt and double nuts on a drill press. Cut the head off a 5/16" bolt and chuck it in a drill press. Then thread on two nuts and the insert so that it is flush with the end of the bolt. Tighten the two nuts on the insert so it won't spin on the bolt. After the pilot hole is drilled in the stock, clamp your stock with a handscrew or a drill press vise and manually turn the drill press chuck to drive the insert into the stock. DO NOT TURN ON THE DRILL PRESS. The drill press will keep the insert square to the stock as it is threaded in. We also recommend using beeswax, screw lube, or even soap to lubricate the threads on the insert. This process can also be done on a lathe using a three jaw chuck in the tailstock to manually feed the insert into the stock. Finally, if you're using acrylics for your handle, we have found that heating the insert before installing it makes it go in like a hot knife in butter.


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Curious How Kombucha Is Made? Here's How to Create Your Own Supply - 07/21/15, via Glamour

There's a whole host of reasons to drink kombucha, a fermented tea containing natural probiotics—the main one being that it can improve your ... a bottle, the bill can quickly add up. But through a little research, I found it's not that hard to make ...

How to Hack Your Bad Habits - 07/30/15, via Daily Beast

Because I can never make up my damn ... telling people about your goals is a good trick. She also coins other nicknames: Are you a Finisher (who doesn’t want to start new projects until your previous one is buttoned up) or an Opener (who gets off on ...


with your money, by the National Endowment for the Arts, a United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects, without controlling content. You can't make this stuff up. Drug-induced Insanity: Remember ladies and ...


  1. DIY Wooden Bottle Opener | The Art of Manliness How to Make Your Own Bottle Opener. ... The magnet on the face of the bottle opener is for catching the bottle cap, so I positioned it pretty close to the top.
  2. How to Build a DIY Bottle Opener - One Project Closer ... I’ll share how you can make one too. Make Your Own Bottle Opener. ... glued to the wall about six inches below the opener, so bottle caps can just be allowed ...
  3. Design Your Own Bottle Opener, Design Your Own Bottle ... Design Your Own Bottle Opener, ... Beer Bottle Openers Flip Flop bottle opener metal bottle opener. Type: Openers. Place of Origin: CN;ZHE. Openers Type: Bottle Openers.
I fully realize that my concept of the New Orleans bartender is distorted because almost any time I'm drinking it's at Cure, and that's not a standard NOLA bar by any stretch of the imagination. Filter the following through that information: It seems that the majority of my bartender friends work at more than one bar. As a result they seem to carry a lot of gear with them as they shuffle from place to place. I suppose it's the easiest way to ensure that you always have everything you need when you arrive at your destination. I asked Maks if I could photograph his kit and he produced this spread. Some of the items are not his but he suggested that this is pretty much the standard carry. Perhaps I'll go back some other night and get a shot of someone else's tools so that I can compare. Regardless I thought you might find it interesting what these guys (and ladies, of course) are lugging from job to job.
Photo by Brother O'Mara on Flickr
Retrospective: Colored Bottles Transposed ~ 6.14.08
Retrospective: Colored Bottles Transposed ~ 6.14.08
There's no doubt about it... I miss my gear. I went out last weekend without my D300 and the 35mm 1.8 lens that's pretty much always affixed to it and I felt naked... I felt like I was missing something... it was an odd feeling really. It'll be a while before I can go on 'Soul-Patrol' and bring back some shots to share with you. I gotta feeling that everything's gonna work out just fine. Being a 'cameraless person' has kind of led me to do some deep thinking about what photography means to me... 'my' photography... what it's meant to me in the past... maybe what it's always meant to me... Photography has been nothing short of a journey for me... I've done it for so many reasons... I've thought about it in different ways... but it's one thing that's always been a part of my life. In college I shot medium format film... all black and white... using a Mamiya 645 and a Mamiya C330 twin lens reflex camera... the finest film camera I've ever owned. I picked up a 35mm Minolta 7700...
Photo by Viewminder on Flickr
"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Childhood"
"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Childhood"
1953: Sweet rationing ends in Britain Children all over Britain have been emptying out their piggy-banks and heading straight for the nearest sweet-shop as the first unrationed sweets went on sale today. Toffee apples were the biggest sellers, with sticks of nougat and liquorice strips also disappearing fast. One firm in Clapham Common gave 800 children 150lbs of lollipops during their midday break from school, and a London factory opened its doors to hand out free sweets to all comers. Adults joined in the sugar frenzy, with men in the City queuing up in their lunch breaks to buy boiled sweets and to enjoy the luxury of being able to buy 2lb boxes of chocolates to take home for the weekend. Do you remember your favourite childhood sweets and the excitement of going to the local sweet shop and choosing from the vast array of jars on the shelves full of colourful mouth watering temptations? They were weighed by the quarter on a big old fashioned metal scale pan and packaged...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Make Your Own Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Make Your Own Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Make Your Own Bottle Opener
Make Your Own Bottle Opener
personalized_photo_bottle_opener_make_your_own_inkcorrectbottleopener ...
personalized_photo_bottle_opener_make_your_own_inkcorrectbottleopener ...
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  • PLANETBEER1 How to make your own bottle opener! #Beer #DIY

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