Kitchenware Butterfly Cake Pan


Wilton Aluminum Butterfly Cake Pan

by Wilton
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  • Create endless color combinations
  • One-mix pan
  • Hand wash recommended

Product description

Watch our brilliant butterfly cake pan magically transform your next party. A butterfly cake or molded salad is the perfect way to captivate birthday and shower guests or new neighbors. Let your imagination go wild with fun color combinations. This cake pan takes one 2-layer cake mix and complete decorating instructions are included.

Creative bakers will love Wilton's butterfly cake pan to design and serve artistic, one-of-a-kind desserts. Made for decorating, the aluminum pan features a large top surface sculpted into a butterfly's plump body and patterned wings with rounded outside edges to securely hold icing (such as fondant) or candy outlines. Aluminum is an ideal material for baking because it heats evenly and keeps insides moist while surfaces gently brown. Lightweight yet durable, it also retains its shape and transfers detailing clearly to the dessert. The pan measures 11 by 8-1/2 by 2 inches and holds one two-layer cake mix. It cleans easily with hand washing. To get ideas rolling, the pan comes complete with a recipe and decorating tips. --Kara Karll

Nordic Ware Butterfly Cake Pan

by Nordic Ware
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  • 10 cup capacity
  • Non-stick finish
  • Cast aluminum

Product description

Beautiful detail makes the cake flutter to life. Bake a classic bundt cake in the shape of a butterfly to serve at a birthday party or as a surprise dessert for a special occasion. The cakes shape is sure to capture the feeling of summer in a garden your imagination is the only limit to how you decorate it. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware

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Nordic Ware Butterfly Cake Pan SKU:#8030411

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Cakes for Kids

Cakes for Kids

Published by Chronicle Books 2008

ISBN 0811861902,9780811861908
132 pages

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Butterfly Cake Pan (each)

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You'll have everyone flying to the party table when you put our your gorgeous butterfly shaped cake! The Butterfly Cake Pan is a silver tin pan that you can mold your cake into the shape of a fun butterfly!



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Nordic Ware Platinum Butterfly Cake Pan | Daily deals for moms, babies ...
Nordic Ware Platinum Butterfly Cake Pan | Daily deals for moms, babies ...
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Wilton butterfly cake pan. Colors to match party decor.
Wilton butterfly cake pan. Colors to match party decor.
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Home > Butterfly Cake Pan
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  • Recipes
  • Butterfly Cake Ingredients:baking powder, flour, eggs, milk, salt, shortening, sugar, vanilla extract
  • Butterfly Cake Ingredients:cake, sugar, eggs, food coloring, frosting, jelly beans, vegetable oil, water
  • Beautiful Butterfly Cake Ingredients:cookies, cool whip, eggs, food coloring, cereal, vegetable oil, oreo cookies, raspberry jam, water, cake mix
  • Beautiful Butterfly Cake Ingredients:cake mix, raspberry jam, oreo cookies, whipped topping, food coloring, cereal, cookies

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