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GXHUANG 10 inch Ladybug Aluminum Alloy Cake Bake Pan Cakes Baking Mold ( Beetle )

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  • GXHUANG is a registered brand manufacturer. We offer professional quality baking peripheral products and good service, Email US for more information!
  • Size: 10.2"x8.3"x2"
  • Made of high strength food grade aluminum alloy, durable and not easy deformation,Washable,safety, and health

Product description

This cake mold is made of high strength food grade aluminum, durable and not easy deformation, uniform heating, high heat transfer efficiency, surface anode oxidation resistant treatment, safety, and health

CK Products 49-8124 Plastic Ladybug Cake Pan, White

by CK Products
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  • Holds one standard size cake mix
  • Complete directions included to create this design
  • This products is BPA Free

Product description

CK Products Pantastic Pan Ladybug - 49-8124. These lightweight, durable plastic pans can be used exactly like aluminum pans in a conventional oven as well as a microwave. Do not place directly on oven rack, place on shiny cookie sheet for baking.

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while in northern India, it's bad luck to sneeze before undertaking a new task. Nursery rhymes that aim to "teach" us about superstition aren't all that uncommon, but this one is so out-there that it takes the cake (or the handkerchief.) For

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Midsummer - Honoring Áine and the Other Crowd 06/16/15, via Patheos (blog)

We offer her milk and baked goods, usually cake, given in a ritual in her honor. The cake is vanilla with vanilla frosting and is decorated with a sun-symbol design; we cut a huge slice as an offering for Áine and the rest is shared among the family

ladybug cake pan

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Betty Crocker New Cake Decorating

Betty Crocker New Cake Decorating

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Cake decorating made easy and achievable, with clear how-to photography and 75 amazing cakes The world of cake decorating is more playful, whimsical, elegant, and creative than ever. And the new generation ofBetty Crocker Cake Decorating makes this activity fun and accessible for everyone. Photographed features teach the fundamentals, from piping frosting and tinting icing to working with flowers and fondant. Then the real fun begins with 75 cakes decorated in amazing ways: lively creations like the Honey-Lemon Beehive Cake buzzing with candy bees or the robin's egg cake specked with chocolate. Cut-out fire engines, princess castles, and animal cakes are sure to delight at the next birthday party. Other cakes achieve a stunning appearance from simple techniques, like the gorgeous...

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Midsummer is fast approaching and it seems, if you’ll pardon the pun, timely to discuss my Midsummer traditions and practices. In my family you see we have a long standing tradition of honoring Áine* at this time of year and she is certainly worth sharing to those who don’t already know her. We also honor the Good Neighbors at this time, which works well because of Áine’s intrinsic ties to the fairy folk. Áine is a complex figure whose hill – Cnoc Áine – saw torch lit processions on midsummer in her honor to bring blessings on the fields. One of her by-names is Áine na gClair, Áine of the wisps, because of the straw torches use in the midsummer processions. She is also associated with Lúnasa, or more precisely the Sunday before Lúnasa, when she is the consort of Crom Cruach and appears as a fierce and dangerous figure. This may seem like a contradiction, that the goddess who blesses the fields one month threatens them the next, but at least to some Áine is the goddess of the summer sun who ripens the harvest but also brings the dangerous late summer heat. Several scholars make this connection, including MacKillop and Monaghan, who suggest that while Áine is associated with the summer sun her sister Grian is associated with the winter sun. Áine is many things. goddess, fairy queen, perhaps even mortal girl. As a goddess, she may, some say, be the daughter of the sea god Manannan mac Lir, and have helped to ensure victory to her male relations when they sought to conquer the area in which her hill is found. As a fairy queen, she was the daughter of the king of Cnoc Aine. one Samhain her father was killed and she was raped by Ailill Aolum and she maimed him in return, removing his ear and rendering him unfit to rule. In this she may well have been acting as a sovereignty goddess who was removing an unworthy king who tried to take sovereignty by force, the line between goddess and fairy queen being a blurry one at best. In later stories they say she was a mortal girl who was taken by the fairies into the hill, and the torch lit procession every midsummer was in her honor, rather than the goddess’s. On midsummer we honor Áine, as the spirit connected to the summer sun, the Lady who ripens our fruit for Lúnasa, who blesses our home with abundance. We offer her milk and baked goods, usually cake, given in a ritual in her honor. The cake is vanilla with vanilla frosting and is decorated with a sun-symbol design. we cut a huge slice as an offering for Áine and the rest is shared among the family members after ritual. We light bundles of dried herbs which we carry around the boundary of our property three times to sain it. this is our equivalent of the straw-torch processions, and holding with tradition we always walk deiseal, clockwise, around the space. For my family honoring the Fair Folk is just as important – in some ways perhaps more so – than honoring the Gods and this is especially true on certain holidays when they are said to be more active. Bealtaine and Samhain, midsummer and midwinter, in particular are liminal times when the fairy folk are more present and more likely to be encountered than other times. My children and I bake a second special cake and decorate it with triple spirals. This cake, unlike the other, is given entirely to the Other Crowd, left out at the roots of our fairy tree – a lone Hawthorn which sits on our property. There is no circle casting, but the act of circling the yard three times with the saining fire creates our sacred space. We invite in the Powers we are honoring, Áine, the liminal Gods of the season, the goodly inclined spirits and of course our ancestors who would like to join us. We sing any and every song we can think of that fits the occasion. We eat cake and share the efforts of our baking with all the Powers and spirits – the Déithe and an-déithe – who are present with us. We pour out milk onto the earth and leave some in a bowl as an offering. And, usually about the same time the sun finally sets and the fireflies begin to appear twinkling in the hazy darkness, we give our thanks** to the gathered Powers and go back in the house. Midsummer is a fun holiday, one that we all look.

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Ladybug Cake Pan

Party Supplies

The Ladybug Cake Pan is a metal tin in the shape of a ladybug. This item will mold the most scrumptious-looking cakes. Your daughter's eyes will light up when she sees this unique pastry on her birthday.


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Ladybug Cake - 08/10/05, via

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Generously grease bottom of 1 1/2-quart round casserole or heatproof bowl and bottom of an 8 1/2- by 4 1/2-inch loaf pan. Beat cake mix, water, oil and eggs in large bowl with electric mixer on low speed for 30 seconds ...


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Bee Cake
Bee Cake
Modified version - I don't own the Wilton Ladybug special pan, but managed without it! The frosting is my own buttercream, plain on the cardboard wings (some on the eyes and the smile), some tinted lemon/golden yellow, and then the remainder chocolate tinted black. The cake is banana, and the stinger is an OREO ice cream cone (but you can use a regular sugar cone and frost it with the tinted black frosting.
Photo by Heartlover1717 on Flickr
Ladybug Cake Pan (each)
Ladybug Cake Pan (each)
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... Cake, Cookie & Candy Making Supplies | Cake Pans & Bakeware | Ladybug
Ladybug Cake Pans
Ladybug Cake Pans