Kitchenware Lego Birthday Cake Pan


LEGO Friends 41006 Downtown Bakery

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  • Open the cash register Bake pastries and cakes in the opening oven Fill the display stands with fun food accessories
  • Features sign and canopy, oven, outdoor cake stand, kitchen with utensils, cash register and phone; Accessories include cakes, bread, cookies
  • LEGO mini-dolls are LEGO figures made especially for the world of LEGO Friends that can be customized and combined in thousands of ways

Product description

Bake a custom cake at the Downtown Bakery with Mia! Open the sweet little shop by building the sign, canopy and outdoor display. Fill the shelves with cakes, bread, cookies and croissant accessories! When a customer arrives to order a wild-berry birthday cake, get creative in the kitchen with lots of food and utensils. Set the mixture into a pan and place it in the oven until it's baked to perfection! Decorate it with fruit and ring up the order on the cash register. Includes Mia and Danielle mini-doll figures. 253 pcs. Ages 6 yrs. +.

Lego 853575 Silicone Minifigure Cake Mold New

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  • Oven and microwave safe. Min. approx. 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Max. 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy slip-out silicone baking mold
  • Iconic minifigure shape in bright blue

Product description

Have a party and bring out the coolest cake in town. Bake up a tasty treat in one of your favorite LEGO shapes with this easy to use, easy to remove silicone baking mold that can be used in both the oven and microwave, and cleans up quickly in the dishwasher. Bring a minifigure to life with this fun cake mold.

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8 easy birthday cakes that look hard to make...but aren't 06/29/15, via

But on my sons' birthdays — well, watch out. Hide the glue guns and the cake pans, because I go a bit insane. I will stay up till 3 a.m. pinning a million ideas for their parties and then, unlike my normal course of action, I will actually try to MAKE

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Working Mothers Who Make It All Work 06/19/15, via Wall Street Journal

Of all the truisms about work and life out there, the most widely accepted may be this: Any woman who tries to combine a high-powered career and a family is going to be one frazzled, sleep-deprived mess. Like the character in Allison Pearson's novel “I

Make Lego Minifigure and Bricks Silicone Cake PAN Birthday Party Candy Chocolate Molds Set of 8

Go To The Link Below:http://amzn. to/1yWO5Go Set of 8 Molds Brand New Material: Silicone Dishwasher safe Oven proof up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit Brick.


The Birthday Cake Book

The Birthday Cake Book

Published by 2010

ISBN 9781458765574,1458765571
320 pages

There's no better way to celebrate the birthday of a friend or loved one than with a one-of-a-kind cake that looks amazing and tastes delicious. Dede Wilson has created 75 recipes for special birthday cakes that will make any celebration a memorable one. In her signature clear and friendly tone, Wilson guides bakers of all skill levels through the delicious world of birthday cakes, from making the perfect parchment cone for icing the cake to mixing up a fresh batch of chocolate ganache. The book begins with a set of master batter and frosting recipes, such as Spice Cake, Quick 'n' Easy Chocolate Cake, Confectioners' Sugar Frosting, and Fudgy Chocolate Frosting. These master recipes can be mixed and matched or used as the basis for fun, inspired creations like Confetti 'n' Sprinkles...

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8 easy birthday cakes that look hard to make...but aren't -

I do not own, nor do I ever plan to own, a glue gun. If I bring something "homemade" to the bake sale, that means I actually took it out of the grocery store packaging and put it on a different plate. But on my sons' birthdays — well, watch out. Hide the glue guns and the cake pans, because I go a bit insane. I will stay up till 3 a. m. pinning a million ideas for their parties and then, unlike my normal course of action, I will actually try to MAKE those things. There's one catch: My surge in ambition does not come with an increase in skill. So I've become somewhat of an expert at spotting projects that deliver the "wow" factor but require low levels of domestic talent. Construction site cake. These are so clever and so easy, featuring green apples and fruit roll-ups for the masks. The only special material you need are candy eyes, which are sold in large packs — but be warned that when you have leftover candy eyes, all food will start to look like it needs a face. Every sandwich that came out of my kitchen for three months after the party had eyes on it. Be doubly warned that these apples, while cute, should never be served in place of a cake. I can't be responsible for any damages that ensue if you attempt to serve these apples to a dozen 5-year-old boys who were expecting a traditional sugary treat. Barbie cake. I've never made this personally, but it looks pretty brilliant. Make a bundt cake, stick a princess Barbie in the hole in the middle, slap some pink icing on it, and bam , you've got yourself a princess cake. Get the light blue icing. You know it's going to be an Elsa cake. (Note: Judging from tutorials on Pinterest , making a princess cake can actually be quite complicated, requiring several cakes cut into various layers. I say, try my bundt cake version instead, spackle with extra icing, and make it work. The keys: an Elmo-face-shaped baking pan and plastic Elmo eyes, nose and mouth. It's also possible to make Elmo's features out of fondant, but if you knew how to do that, you wouldn't be reading this list, now, would you. Pirate cake. Because every kid goes through a pirate phase, this is a good one to have up your sleeve. White icing with blue food coloring, plus Swedish Fish for the sea, crushed cookies for the sand, foil-wrapped chocolate coins for the treasure, and a Playmobil pirate figurine or LEGO or whatever you have lying around the house. Pizza cake. Everyone knows the two food groups of any children's birthday party are pizza and cake, so why not combine them in one glorious concoction. Red icing for the "sauce" and grated white chocolate for the cheese make this one easier than it looks. (Pictured: My son's 5th birthday. Now THAT is the look you want when you bring out the cake. Basketball cake. This is as close as you can come to just Googling the theme of your child's party and having a cake appear. You make a cake (or buy one from the grocery store), then press one of these edible image sheets into the frosting, and bam. You are the cake boss. It's easy to find almost any character you can think of on Amazon, Etsy, or at your favorite cake-supply retailer. Whatever you do, the important thing to remember while making any kind of cake for a children's party is that THE CHILD DOES NOT CARE. I mean, they care deeply about cake, in general. At least mine do. But as long as you supply some sort of sugary baked good, they're really not going to notice if Elmo's nose looks a little wonky or if your icing letters are shaky. And, honestly, whatever you make, your child is going to spray spittle all over it when he or she blows out the candles. But they'll have a great, memorable birthday, and isn't that what it's all about anyway.


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7 Easy Creative Birthday Cake Ideas - 06/25/11, via PopSugar Celebrity

and sure to impress everyone at the birthday party — especially your kid! If your kid is crazy about LEGOS, you'll be pleased to hear that a Lego-shaped cake can be easily made with a loaf pan and cupcake pan. As Jennifer J. explains: “Make a large ...

Children’s Party Ideas: Legos Birthday Party - 05/08/08, via BlissTree

The hostess also made a Lego birthday cake by making a rectangular sheet cake and putting two smaller round cakes on top. She finished off with blue icing. I thought this was a wonderful and creative birthday party. The kids ran around for a bit and then ...


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  3. lego cake pan lego cake pan. ... lego cake mold, lego cake pan wilton, lego party supplies. ... Great for lego themed birthday party.
Photo-a-Day Year 2 Mosaic
Photo-a-Day Year 2 Mosaic
1. Subway tunnel, 2. Solid Oak, 3. Collared, 4. Like father, like son, 5. Whttr Cty Cmmrc Bldng, 6. Make like a tree, and get outta here, 7. Cracks me up, 8. Evidence, 9. Fall has fallen in Autumn, 10. A plane, the moon, and Mars, 11. Writing on the Wall, 12. Now that's a cake, 13. it's just like riding a bike, 14. Yippee, 15. Sick, 16. Little Lillis IPA, 17. connect, 18. Thanksgiving week, 19. drive thru (and wait), 20. gimme five, 21. out with the old, in with the new, 22. goggles, 23. Radar water, 24. C & C, 25. bonaventure, 26. the city mouse, 27. Ben Folds, 28. Slimer, 29. Everet and Bella, 30. the Google Phone, 31. hi ya, 32. red, red, all around, see the red things I have found, 33. skydive, 34. happy birthday to me, 35. rectangular prism, 36. my favorite sticker 1. Yes we can, 2. brick wall full screen, 3. in case, 4. NaNoWriMo begins, 5. the man room (except for Tyler (who is terrible at bumper billiards)), 6. translucent, 7. Welcome to Glendora, circa 2008, 8. C is...
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Lego cake pan August 22, 2009
Lego cake pan August 22, 2009
Lego-Brick-Silicone-Cake-Pan-Large-Building-Brick-Baking-Tray-Birthday ...
Lego-Brick-Silicone-Cake-Pan-Large-Building-Brick-Baking-Tray-Birthday ...
Lego Cakes – Decoration Ideas
Lego Cakes – Decoration Ideas
  • Recipes
  • Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ingredients:baking powder, butter, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, caster sugar, eggs, icing, icing, sugar, milk, milk chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate, food coloring, flour, butter, vanilla extract
  • German Chocolate Birthday Cake Ingredients:baking soda, butter, butter, buttermilk, flour, frosting, egg yolks, eggs, evaporated milk, flaked coconut, pecan, salt, sugar, sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla extract, water
  • Fun Neapolitan Birthday Cake Ingredients:chocolate cake, eggs, frosting, strawberries, cake mix, vegetable oil, water
  • Birthday Cake Ingredients:baking powder, butter, flour, powdered sugar, egg yolks, milk, salt, vanilla extract

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