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First Taste: Dominique Ansel's All-Dessert Tasting Menu 07/16/15, via Wall Street Journal

This is Mr. Ansel's favorite dish on the menu: cubes of carrot cake served with a sauce made of caramelized green peas and adorned with meringue imbued with a touch of gin. “The gin adds a sharpness,” You hold a ceramic bowl meant to feel like

Vanity Fair

Queen Elizabeth's Corgis: A History 07/10/15, via Vanity Fair

Her character forged in grief and stiffened by good manners, her striking face made more so by pale Pan-Cake makeup and bright-red hair, the adult Thelma Evans had a flair for marketing. During the Blitz, she bred Alsatians with .. But at a Heathrow

Cake Decorating Video How to Make a Tiara Using a Silicone Mold by Marvelous Molds

MarvelousMolds. com, you will learn how to make an edible and decorative tiara using a silicone mold. A tiara adds.


Make You Want To Smack Your...Lips

Make You Want To Smack Your...Lips

Published by 2011

ISBN 9781435770348,143577034X
141 pages

Our cookbook was created for New and Seasoned Cooks. This is an easy to follow cookbook with the whole family in mind. Many recipes are from different countries and have become crowd pleasers. Mothers and Fathers may want to try out some recipes with their children to introduce them to the wonderful world of cooking! Some Recipes Jerk Pork Barbeque, Navy Bean Soup, Crab Cakes, Chicken and Dumplings, Cod Fish Cakes, Rolls, Stuffed Peppers, Sweet Yams, Greek Salad, Lemon Pie, Seafood lasagna, Shrimp Fried Rice, Mac & Cheese, Spanish Yellow Rice, Seafood and Meat Gumbo, Akara Appetizers

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Poppy's Velo Ventures.: Staffer at Urban Bean on Lake Street ...

Stephen and Janet have been in the saddle and on the road for more than a year, straight. Janet blogs daily, posts fun fotos taken w/iPad. It was a treat to meet the Pedaling Rickey's in Safeway Starbucks in Wickenburg as they recharged w/lattes, mochas and espressos. My dear old buddy from ad sales days Peter Kirkpattrick -- "PK" -- met up last week at Interbike with Sue Knaup, exec director of Prescott, AZ-based "One Street" bicycle advocates, manufacturers, socially responsible friend of the planet. PK made sure to have a photo taken and sent to his buddy, old Poppy here. Thanks to Sue and Peter: hope the show was a big success. The tiny house you can pull with a bicycle: Superlight home made from plastic water tanks Made from two 3,000 litre water tanks Wooden frame connects them and has door and windows built in Has room for bed and a desk area to form a shelter in 9 sq... uk/sciencetech/article-2728486/The-tiny-house-pull-bicycle-Superlight-home-plastic-water-tanks. html#ixzz3B59Bflgl Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook We called him "Pada. Hoyt was a highly skilled, much revered G P in Chillicothe, OH. Patients of Loy Eugene Hoyt, MD, were loyal, well served and appreciative. Doc Pada could be a clothes horse when off duty, as the foto reveals. Pada left this world when I was just a boy. Oriental carpets in Wickenburg. Killims and silks, antiques and just-mades. Right behind the Bedoian Bistro on Wickenburg Way. Proprietor and carpet maven Victor B. knows his rugs and has some exceptional examples for sale. Here Victor shows off an old Kurdish Killam from Iran that now graces a special spot in front of a dresser at #10. Our friend, neighbor and Mayor of the City of Medina, MN stopped by the house over Thanksgiving to say hello to our son Jason. Liz Weir is a wise and attentive mentor, and loves to talk politics -- which is something J enjoys as well. Managed to snap a foto of the two just before they dived back in on the subject of the effective use of Municipal Assets and Resources in long-range regional planning. Santa has been visiting Bayview Farm & Garden for so many years that some of the children who have had their photos taken are grown now and bringing their own children. He is so kind and generous to sit with the families and canine friends for photos. Our greenhouse will be magically transformed into Santa's own home in the North Pole. Claus will be baking cookies to share, and they're so yummy. PS: Note the mouth is normally off to one side, making it look like I am talking out of the side of my mouth…. I've written about my designer friend, Dan Cramer. He is a furniture designer and cabinet maker (you see his latest work in the foreground of this foto) while Dan's biz partner, Mark Larson, is a painter. You can see Mark's almost surreal portrait painted on the doors of Dan's credenza. Larson/Cramer were feted at the Three Doors show last weekend at Galleria. I'll likely regret I didn't buy that cabinet. Harmon Place's Luna Lux celebrated its 20th birthday by throwing a fabulous Cookie Party, offering 20% discounts on their clever and uber-high quality stationery, cards, other printed products. The "road" was assembled over the years, doted on with a craftsman's TLC, oiled and tended with an old fashion eye to posterity. Powering the line was Old 504, a steam engine that runs today as well as it did when new a century ago. The steamer was imported from Europe and, I ask myself: how did this exquisite machine ever make the trip in one piece. I've written in this space of the admiration I have for the astonishing skills posessed by my wife the rug-hooker. rather, each has been a gift to someone important in our lives. I'll let you know later where this lovely three-pony goes to live and bring joy to family and friends. My buddy and former C '61 classmate Clip Kniffin is in town from Chicago today with wife Ellie. They're babysitting grand-twins up in Rosemont, and Clip invited me up for a chit-chat. While we were yucking it up over old times Ellie put the kids in the playpen, grabbed the SONY and snapped away.

Source: Poppy's Velo Ventures.

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How to make a Birthday Cupcake - 07/24/15, via Teen Ink

I can still recall my miniature self, standing ecstatically in the sleek interior of my old kitchen: a glistening array of pots, pans and knives hung upon the ... a delectably piquant dash of cinnamon. Beating the cake batter on high speed was exhilarating.

Bake It Better: Perfect your pound cake with hot, melted butter and food processor - 06/30/15, via The Kansas City Star

Most classic pound cake recipes we researched use a fussy mixing method in which all the ingredients need to be at the same temperature. The result if your temperatures are off? A disastrous-looking curdled batter that can’t be saved. Trying everything ...

Try the best and easiest recipe for fresh strawberry lemon cream cake - 04/14/15, via Examiner

If you do not have a pan, just make plain cake layers and use the cream filling to put between layers and on top of the cake. It will still be delicious. Preheat oven to 350°. Spray a Maryann cake pan with baking spray or grease and flour your pan.


  1. Hot Lips Cake Pan - Wilton - Celebrate With Wilton ... Make this mini cake using the Wilton Flower Pot Mini Cake Pan. ... Hot Lips Cake Pan. Give 'em a big kiss for Valentine's Day, birthdays and other occasions!
  2. lips cake pan | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ... Find great deals on eBay for lips cake pan bachelorette party supplies. Shop with confidence.
  3. lip cake pan lip cake pan. ... decoration for the cake: a base, lips, mustaches and cut out ... Home & Kitchen: See all 110 items. Norpro Nonstick 9 Inch Square Cake Pan
memories of the Fifties
memories of the Fifties
EVERYBODY who grew up in Fifties Britain will have his or her own indelible memories of their childhood, from the first taste of welfare orange juice to the birth of rock' n’ roll. The nation was recovering from the ravages of the Second World War and the camaraderie of wartime was still evident throughout the country. Children waking up on Christmas morning in 1952 had experienced rationing of food and clothes all of their lives. It was quite normal to go without the sweets, biscuits, crisps and fizzy drinks that would be taken for granted by future -generations . Before sweet rationing ended in February 1953 the most prized thing in your Christmas stocking would have been a small, two-ounce bar of chocolate. You probably didn’t get your first black and white television set until the late-Fifties. After all, only three million British households had one by 1954, with numbers increasing to almost 13 million by 1964. But it didn’t matter if you had no television because you could...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
The indierock Last Judgement
The indierock Last Judgement
Guess the indierock band in the photoshop omelet Yea, yea, yea, we know you are an indie snob! You'd be the master of you class at the post-schoolrock. You were at the Democrazy when Nirvana supported TAD (you thought they were so-so) and you listened to Slint when they were still called The Ethan Buckler Experience. There are at least two occasions where you split up with your girlfriend because she didn't like Steve Albini's Rapeman. Here is your chance to really show off your indie credibility. Tell us which of the 36 indie bands you can spot in this picture. The one's more obscure than the other and you better view it full size but dig deep and use your muscle. Goodluck! Inspired by Michelangelo and Virgin Records
Photo by studio muscle on Flickr
Messing with Fire
Messing with Fire
Again,,,,,Gretch & I are messing around with our settings on our cameras to capture what? Well this time we are using a sparkler in a 9x13 Aluminum Baking Cake pan. Just when we both think that we might have that kewl shot, 300 shots & 10 sparklers later this is my most interesting shot. The hardest part of this shooting experience is the focus on the sparks. There are so many variables other than the lighting that this can be almost impossible to get that one perfect shot that is soooo kewl! Well I hope you have a good laugh on our behalf by thinking of us 2 women in my heated garage, stooping, contorting, laughing, tongues hanging on our lips while holding our breath with each shot taken & playing with sparklers/fire. We sure did! Played in Picnik with the frames before it's gone ):
Photo by LadyDragonflyCC - >;< on Flickr
Hot Lips Cake Pan
Hot Lips Cake Pan
cake pan will look lovely find great deals on ebay for lips cake pan ...
cake pan will look lovely find great deals on ebay for lips cake pan ...