Kitchenware Minnie Mouse Cake Pan For Sale


Wilton Aluminum Mickey Mouse Cake Pan

by Wilton
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  • Celebrate with a Mickey Mouse cake made with this shaped pan
  • Color: Silver
  • Before first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water; do not put in dishwasher

Product description

Bring Mickey Mouse from Disney to the party by baking his face into a cake using this shaped aluminum pan. You could make a Minnie Mouse cake, too! Takes any 2-layer cake mix and complete decorating instructions are included.

Wilton Minnie Mouse Cake Pan #2105-3602 (1998)

by Wilton Enterprises, Inc.
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  • Wilton Pan 2105 3602 from 1998

Product description

Wilton cake pan Minnie Mouse design

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Kovels Antiques Price List 9 P

Kovels Antiques Price List 9 P

Published by Crown Publishers 1988

ISBN 0517527383,9780517527382
724 pages

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SOLD! Wilton Cake Pan MINNIE MOUSE # 2105-3602 Disney
SOLD! Wilton Cake Pan MINNIE MOUSE # 2105-3602 Disney
Minnie Mouse Cake Pan
Minnie Mouse Cake Pan