Kitchenware Multi Tier Mini Cake Pan


Chicago Metallic Multi Tier Cake Pan 4 Cavity, 10.6 x 9.60 x 4.5 Inch

by Chicago Metallic
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  • Non-stick coating for easy release
  • Carbon steel for durability, strength and superior heat conduction
  • Dishwasher safe

Product description

Make miniature three tier cakes�.four at a time with the Chicago Metallic 4- cup Multi-Tier Cake Pan. Use your favorite recipe or the recipe include. Decorate for a wedding or any festive event. Nonstick, dishwasher safe.

Springform Pan Set of 3 - Nonstick Round Cake Pan Set 4''/ 7''/9'' Leakproof Cheesecake Pan Baking Pans for Instant Pot 6,8 Quart by WERSEA (Red Coating)

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  • 【Springform Pan Set】Package includes 3 pcs nonstick spring form pan: 4 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch. 3 Tier cake pan set is perfect for busy bakery and tiered cake layers
  • 【Nonstick and Leak-proof Cheesecake Pan】The latching side panel detaches easily, spring latch offering a tight leak-proof seal, double layer non-stick coating seals the deal, which provide easy and safe removal of baked goods and hassle-free cleanup
  • 【Must-have Cake Baking Supplies】Feel free to contact us if you have any question with our baking pans. One Year Money Back Guarantee for our nonstick red cake pan set. Your every purchase from us is guaranteed with replacement or refund choice without hassle

Product description

WERSEA Shop Provides One Year Money Back Guarantee for Round Cake Pan Set.

Package Includes:  1 X 4 inch mini springform pan, 1 X 7" cake pan, 1 X 9 inch springform pan

➤ Cake pan set has 3 kinds of sizes which can satisfy different baking needs at different time. 

➤ 4" mini cheesecake pan+ 7 inch round canke pan+ instant pot 9" pan. This bakeware set can be used to create beautiful 3 tier cakes suited for any occasion.

➤ 7 Inch instant pot cheesecake pan is perfect for 6 qt or larger pressure cooker. 7 Inch cake mold is a must have instant pot accessories.

➤ The latching side of baking pan panel detaches easily for quick and safe removal of your delicate cheesecake or streusel-heavy coffee cake. 

➤ And the nonstick coating of cheesecake pan seals the deal, providing easy release and hassle-free cleanup. Just bake it and enjoy it!

➤ Perfect spring form pan for cheesecake, mousse, quiche and more. This bakeware set is an essential cake baking supplies in any baker's kitchen. 

Cleaning Tips We Want You Know

Before using your new bakeware for the first time, wash all pieces in warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry. 

For best results, hand wash is recommended when cleaning up and avoid any scratch from hard washing tools or cooking utensils to protect nonstick coating.

It's time to bring your creative cake and cheesecake ideas to life! Easier to prepare a big surprise for the ones you love from now on.

Add It to Cart Now and Start to Enjoy Your Baking Time!

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Wedding Cakes Aren't Just Desserts

Wedding Cakes Aren't Just Desserts

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This book is not just for the novice wedding cake designer, but also the experienced designer as well. The novice can gain confidence in working with a bride and the experienced designer can see their business grow by learning how to hone their marketing skills. It covers the wedding cake creation process from beginning to end: from advertising and making the first contact, all the way to delivering the cake.

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Say hello to the taste of pure fat We classify food as sweet, sour, salty, bitter or umami, but a new paper published in the journal Chemical Senses argues that we’re missing another basic taste: fatty. It’s called oleogustus, and it’s the unique taste of fat, says Richard D. Mattes, distinguished professor of nutrition science at Purdue University and one of the authors of the study. (The Latin translation of oily or fatty taste is “oleogustus. There’s no one definition for what makes something a basic taste, but Mattes thinks of it as meeting several categories: the stimulus should have a unique structure, it should bind or interact with a unique receptor, it should be carried by the... Mattes and his colleagues wanted to see if a group of people classified “fatty” as a taste that is unique from the basic tastes of sweet, sour, salty, bitter or umami. They fed people a series of solutions, plugged their noses to control for odor and asked them to sort them into similar or dissimilar taste categories. when they were given samples of bitter, umami and fatty tastes, they sorted fatty acids in a league of their own, even though there isn’t currently an accepted category or name for the taste. “It’s been very difficult to figure out if people really view this as unique sensation, because we have no word for it,” Mattes says. But lest you associate the taste category with a delicious slice of greasy pizza, Mattes has some bad news. “Fatty acid taste is awful,” he says. ” We might be able to distinguish a fatty taste, but it’s not the type of fatty taste we know and love. The creaminess and viscosity we associate with fatty foods is largely due to triglycerides: a molecule with three fatty acids that isn’t a taste stimulus, but rather a mouthfeel, Mattes says. Triglycerides also deliver fat-soluble flavor compounds, Mattes says, but that flavor isn’t the true taste of fat. To get a sense of what that tastes like, imagine heating your fryer for a good long time and tasting the food you cook in it, Mattes suggests. It won’t be pleasant, and you certainly won’t want to eat it. “The food industry has known about this for a very long time, and they go to great efforts to keep concentrations of these fatty acids below detection thresholds, because if you can... But in small concentrations below detection levels, the taste can be pleasant—just as we enjoy the bitterness of wine, chocolate and coffee, Mattes says. Classifying a new taste could help us understand our food better, Mattes says. “Whether that’s to improve the quality of the food supply, the safety of the food supply, reduction of cardiovascular disease, treat taste disorders, there are any number of possibilities here.


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Multi Tier Cake Pan 4 Cavity-11.2"X10.03"X15"
Multi Tier Cake Pan 4 Cavity-11.2"X10.03"X15"
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Chicago Metallic Multi Tier Cake Pan only $23.98 shipped!
Chicago Metallic Multi Tier Cake Pan only $23.98 shipped!
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