Kitchenware Silicone Cupcake Cake Pan


Jumbo Cupcakes Bake Set - 25x Bigger Than a Big Cupcake! - Also Includes Cupcake Recipe Book

by Number 1 In Gadgets
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  • Just Fill Bake and Decorate! Creates a giant 3D cupcake for the whole party to enjoy!
  • Easy Release and Dishwasher Safe and Heat Resistant
  • Check out the product images for detailed instructions how to use it!!

Product description

Have you always wanted your cupcakes to be of huge size but still as uniformly baked as a small size cupcake?

Well, we heard you loud and clear! We bring to you an incredible cupcake baking set that allows you
to make up to 25x times larger cupcakes and you will love it for the many benefits it offers:

✔ Create a huge Cupcake easily which can replace even a party-size cake
✔ Comes in 3 parts - a top mold, one removable insert, and a bottom mold
✔ Made of flexible Non-Stick Silicone
✔ Durable enough to survive many baking cycles
✔ High heat resistance
✔ Dishwasher Safe


✔ Bake 2 layers in two halves separately
✔ Let both the layers cool for a few minutes
✔ Assemble the two layers to make one large cupcake
✔ Decorate in any manner you like

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get this incredible Huge Cupcake Silicone Mold Delivered to your door steps.

Big Giant Top Jumbo Size Cupcake Silicone Bakeware Cake Pan

by Gourmet Trends
Price: $18.58 Buy Now

  • Giant Cupcake Shaped Bakeware; Flexible Silicone Material; 3-D Shape; Easy and Fun; Bake Cakes that Really Stand Out
  • Entire Assembled Cupcake Measures Approx: 7.5" H x 7" Diameter; Lower Section: 3.5" H x 7" Diameter; Insert: 4" Diameter x 1.5" Deep (Fits over Lower Section); Upper Section: 3.5" H (w/Base) x 7" Dameter at Widest Point (Tapers at Top)
  • Perfect for Birthday Parties and Special Events; 3 Pieces - Lower, Upper, and Insert; Genuine Cupcake Contours

Product description

According to US Department of Baking Regulations, cupcakes must not be baked bigger than 2 square inches. Break all the rules, and bake the world's largest cupcake with the Gourmet Trends Giant Cupcake Silicone Bakeware set! This phenomenal cupcake-shaped 3pc baking pan set is ultra-durable, flexible, dishwasher and freezer safe, and can withstand oven temperatures up to 450°F! The cupcake consists of a lower section, upper section, and a filler insert section. Simply place the pans on a metal cookie sheet, pour in batter, then slide the sheet with the pans on top straight into the oven! The special silicone material cooks just like any conventional metal baking pan, only better! The cakes cook more evenly, and cleanup is a breeze! When baking is finished, stack the cake sections together, and add frosting to create the biggest cupcake ever! The finished cupcake will stand over 7.25" tall x 7" in diameter. When a mini cupcake just won't do, bake it bigger with better bakeware! Bring home your Gourmet Trends Giant Cupcake Silicone Bakeware set today!

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Cupcakes go quickly
Cupcakes go quickly
Soem of us burned our fingers. And we discovered that yes, you really should grease the silicon liners. half were done, half were not.
Photo by Andrea_R on Flickr
Earth Day cupcakes
Earth Day cupcakes
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Silicone vs. Paper
Silicone vs. Paper
My silicone liners worked well this time! Wrapper-free cupcakes from the silicone liners will stay home. Those with wrappers will go to work with me tomorrow. I have not eaten one yet, but the batter seemed muffin-like rather than cake-like. These are made from the hummingbird swirls recipe in The Cupcake Deck. Please ignore my dirty old pizza pan.
Photo by reader of the pack on Flickr
Pcs Silicone Rose Cake Cupcake Muffin Pan Mould Mold
Pcs Silicone Rose Cake Cupcake Muffin Pan Mould Mold
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Silicone Cake Pop Pan (223143)
Silicone Cake Pop Pan (223143)
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