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Silikomart SF115 Silicone Let's Celebrate Bakeware Collection Multi Cake Pan, Snowflakes

by Silikomart
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  • Guaranteed durability for 3000 uses; safe to use in the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer; dishwasher-safe; made in Italy
  • 1-12 x 7 inch snowflakes shaped silicone baking mold; made from platinum based liquid (lsr) 100-percent food-grade silicone
  • Each mold fitted with patented removable fiberglass safe ring; insert on mold rim to ensure stability and best results

Product description

Silikomart was established in 2002 as a product of the experience and belief of its founder Dario Martellato. Silikomart offers a wide range of refined and innovative products, with a functionality, practicality and beauty which meet the needs of all those who love to cook. The company has continuously strived to offer its customers a superior product. For this reason, the whole production process is "MADE IN ITALY" and uses the highest quality commercial silicone (made from 100-percent platinum liquid silicone), which complies with FDA and CE food standards. Silikomart silicone products are completely non-toxic, odorless and tasteless and the liquid silicone injection process allows for incredibly detailed forms for baking pans and molds. This combination of quality, safety and performance, along with their unique designs, makes Silikomart the leading specialist of culinary silicone use amongst professional pastry chefs. Silikomart silicone products are ultra flexible, they don't release smoke or odors when baking and they are resistant to cracks and aging. They can be used directly from the freezer to the oven, from-75-Degree F to +450-Degree F and they are dishwasher and microwave safe. The glossy surface ensures an easy release for all types of use. Each Silikomart pan features the safe ring which is designed to give greater stability to silicone molds. All silicone products are guaranteed for up to 3,000 uses. The Let's Celebrate collection is a prestigious collection for celebrating on festive occasions. The collection includes a selection of molds in classic shapes for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and birthdays for children and adults. Each pan comes with a recipe booklet. This silicone multi-cake pan measures 12.2 x 1.4 x 7.2-Inch, makes 11 cakes and provides an easy and great-looking way to bake your favorite treats. Each cake is approximately 2.2-Inch diameter.

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Kim Sunée: From The Magpie, rustic and satisfying 'Kaity Cakes' 07/17/15, via Alaska Dispatch News

Lunch might find her frying up crispy-edged green tomatoes for a stellar BLT, serving up Copper River Salad with Lolla Rossa lettuce, basil, snow apples, kohlrabi and Easter egg radishes, or blackened Copper River salmon and bacon balsamic vinaigrette


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The metal man slipped a gloved hand between two cake pans of his chest plate, scrounged for a moment, and then withdrew a bronze medallion swinging upon a dirty chain. The symbols were clear even from a distance: a long-sword, an unrecognizable 

Snow Globe Cake - Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 46

SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit. ly/GemmasBoldBakers Learn how to easily make an impressive Holiday Snow Globe Cake.


Snow White Red-Handed

Snow White Red-Handed

Published by Penguin 2014

ISBN 9780698140011,069814001X
336 pages

Miss Ophelia Flax is a Victorian actress who knows all about making quick changes and even quicker exits. But to solve a fairy-tale crime in the haunted Black Forest, she’ll need more than a bit of charm… 1867: After being fired from her latest variety hall engagement, Ophelia acts her way into a lady’s maid position for a crass American millionaire. But when her new job whisks her off to a foreboding castle straight out of a Grimm tale, she begins to wonder if her fast-talking ways might have been too hasty. The vast grounds contain the suspected remains of Snow White’s cottage, along with a disturbing dwarf skeleton. And when her millionaire boss turns up dead—poisoned by an apple—the fantastic setting turns into a once upon a crime scene. To keep from rising to the top of the suspect...

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