Kitchenware Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan


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Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan -- Holiday Turkey Cake Pan -- Happy Bunch [Bananas] Cake Pan -- With Instructions -- 1987

Wilton Charlie Brown with Baseball Glove or Football Player (2105-1317) Charles Schultz Retired

by Wilton Enterprises, Inc.
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  • This large pan uses one 2-layer cake mix.
  • Crafted of quality aluminum for even heat distribution & long-lasting durability.
  • Baking instructions included.

Product description

The contouring of the pan outlines the form and provides a generous backing to hold the cake. Crafted of quality aluminum, this bakeware heats evenly and keeps interiors moist while allowing surfaces to gently brown. Lightweight yet durable, it also retains its shape and transfers detailing clearly to the food surface. When the party is over, the pan cleans easily so there's less time spent in the kitchen washing up. The pan holds one box of cake mix and comes complete with baking and decorating instructions.

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Equipment: a cloth pastry bag or heavy-duty plastic pastry bag and a large star pastry tip (such as Wilton #2110). Make the churros: Baking time will vary widely based on pan size, if you're baking 4 to 6, level of water in water batch, type of

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Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan by CaddiesandMore on Etsy, $16.99
Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan by CaddiesandMore on Etsy, $16.99
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Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan ~ New with Insert ~ available from ...
Wilton Baseball Glove Cake Pan ~ New with Insert ~ available from ...
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