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Starbucks to open stores in Ferguson, low-income neighborhoods 07/16/15, via USA TODAY

Starbucks officials say they will open 15 new locations in low income and predominantly minority neighborhoods, including a store near the epicenter of last year's unrest in Ferguson, Mo. , as part of an effort to broaden the coffee company's footprint

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Starbucks to start selling alcohol in Fort Collins 08/12/15, via The Coloradoan

Starbucks will get boozier this fall, as three Fort Collins locations for the international coffee company seek liquor licenses. The Starbucks at 1708 S. College Ave., 2601 S. Lemay Ave. and 1335 W. Elizabeth St. have all applied to sell wine and beer

Open-carry can go wrong

Recently Starbucks has made an announcement that guns were no longer allowed. It happened due to gun owners abusing Starbucks earlier of being.





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Starbucks to open stores in Ferguson, low-income neighborhoods - USA TODAY

Starbucks to open stores in Ferguson, low-income neighborhoods Starbucks officials say they will open 15 new locations in low income and predominantly minority neighborhoods, including a store near the epicenter of last year's unrest in Ferguson,... ly/1Mw76mE Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz greets and thanks employees and others at the coffee shop around the corner from the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 19, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. Starbucks on Monday announced it will open 15 stores that will double as job training centers in urban areas throughout the U. S. Starbucks officials say they will open 15 new locations in low income and predominantly minority neighborhoods,... Company officials say the push dovetails with CEO Howard Schultz's pledge to hire 10,000 young Americans over the next three years who aren't currently employed or in school. The first locations are expected to open next year in Ferguson's West Florissant Corridor, Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, and the Jamaica section of New York's Queens borough. Starbucks also plans to open a store in a yet-to-be determined neighborhood in Milwaukee as well as rehabilitate an already existing store in Phoenix's Melrose District. At each location, Starbucks plans to hire 20 to 25 young people from the neighborhood. The new stores will be designed so they can be used by Starbucks and local community organizations to conduct jobs skill training classes, said Blair Taylor, Starbucks chief community officer. Starbucks officials say they hope the job training will give youngsters some of "the soft skills," or basic understanding that new workers must possess to get hired and keep a job. "We are really thinking about what a for-profit company such as ours can do in addition to the creation of jobs, and that's where this notion of building this kind of a store in communities that have been disenfranchised—particularly some of the... Schultz first spoke of his plan to open a location in Ferguson in April at a forum where he spoke about the company's desire to combat racism and inequality. But Schultz did not reveal details about the exact location or plans to include a jobs training space as part of the store. Starbucks officials confirmed that the store will be located on West Florissant Avenue, about 1. 5 miles from the QuikTrip that was burned down last August during the early days of unrest in Ferguson following the fatal shooting of a black... The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis broke ground last week on a new community center on the grounds of the gas station and convenience store. QuikTrip, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Starbucks are paying for the new center. Taylor said that Starbucks was also looking to find ways to partner with local small businesses and vendors to create a ripple effect in the local economy. The company has already cut a deal to buy caramel cakes from Natalie's Cakes and More in Ferguson, a bakery owned by young African-American businesswoman Natalie DuBose. DuBose's bakery was damaged during unrest in November following the announcement by St. Louis County's prosecutor that former police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown, 18. But DuBose was determined... Natalie DuBose weeps outside her Natalie's Cakes and More bakery Monday, Nov. 24, 2014, after vandals broke one of two large windows in her store after a grand jury declined to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. Next month she will begin supplying cakes for four Starbucks locations in the St. Louis area. On Wednesday, during a break from baking and deliveries, she said she was looking to hire three more bakers and two drivers to help her meet the expected Starbucks' demand. "This partnership is helping me become a stronger pillar of my community," said DuBose, who plans to supply four St. Louis-area Starbucks with cakes starting next month. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said that Starbucks' arrival will be a big win for his city. "I have, and the mayor before me has, tried to put out the word for years and tried to bring in more tenants like a Starbucks," Knowles said.


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How Wishing for Abundance Prevents a Life of Freedom - 08/14/15, via The Huffington Post

Be open to receiving support ... When you tell yourself, "I can't afford that Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks today", then this is what becomes your life and reality. Become friendly with your thoughts by observing them without judgement.

First Impressions: Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - 08/14/15, via Phandroid

You just open Air Command ... buying a spiced pumpkin latte at Starbucks, but we’re still waiting for a game changer. Will it be the up-and-coming launch of Samsung Pay on the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus? We can’t wait to try out SideSync, which let ...

9 great days out when it's raining in Birmingham and further afield - 08/14/15, via Birmingham Mail

You can also sit in a mock cockpit ... Where to eat: There are facilities on site including Starbucks. Parking: £1.50 (free for first 30 minutes re dropping off or picking up). Cost: Depends on activity and / or tuition. Open: 9am -11pm, seven days ...


  1. How to open Starbucks - Starbucks Coffee (Unofficial Fan site) It will be a good competition and Starbucks can make more profits as most of the Pakistani knows and ... i live in como and so desperate to open starbucks here in ...
  2. How do I open a starbucks in my home town and who can I ... Best Answer: You can't unless you are apart of the Starbucks company. Starbucks is not a franchise. Every Starbucks you see is owned and operated by the ...
  3. How To Buy A Starbucks Franchise - The Franchise King® Hello My name is Rinat i am from Czech Republic i want to open starbucks in my city Prague…can you send me some information what i need for start.
33.365 stop me, #194 in explore !
33.365 stop me, #194 in explore !
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Smoking in starbucks
Smoking in starbucks
This is an open area starbucks in Mexico city, is the only starbucks i know that you can smoke in, at least in this continent
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Fuel. Manchester, England
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Starbucks Hours | What Time Does Starbucks Close-Open?
Starbucks Hours | What Time Does Starbucks Close-Open?
Starbucks review/evaluation
Starbucks review/evaluation
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  • BadMon_Eriq Ask a girl in Beaufort what's on Starbucks menu ......I bet she can't tell you but they so happy one is open
  • JeradtheKing Cool Starbucks is almost open. Now I can pay 5 bucks for a small drink! Yay capitalism!
  • C_Cortez99 @Starbucks can you PLEASE open a location in Dickson TN. I'm moved from Houston Texas and not having you sucks!

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