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Upgrading to Windows 10? Here are the compatible Antivirus products you need 07/28/15, via BetaNews

The program's System Tray icon can be used to open its main window. The program's real-time protection protects the system against infection by recognized malware samples on both a USB flash drive and a network share. An on-demand scan of recognized 

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Cybersecurity Experts Don't Depend on Anti-Virus Software. Neither Should You. 07/30/15, via Slate Magazine

You, too, can protect your computers and online accounts like an expert! But you In an attempt to winnow down the massive amount of computer security advice out there, the survey asked respondents the open-ended question “What are the 3 most

How to Uninstall any Antivirus Product from Computer

How to Uninstall any Antivirus Product from Computer Sometimes when you attempted to remove / uninstall a antivirus product like McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, .


New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2014: Brief

New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2014: Brief

Published by Cengage Learning 2013

ISBN 9781285097695,1285097696
328 pages

Go beyond computing basics with the award-winning NEW PERSPECTIVES ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS. Designed to get you up-to-speed on essential computer literacy skills, this market leading text goes deeper, providing technical and practical information relevant to everyday life. NEW PERSPECTIVES ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS 2014 incorporates significant technology trends that affect computing and everyday life; such as concerns for data security, personal privacy, online safety, controversy over digital rights management, interest in open source software and portable applications, and more. In addition, coverage of Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013 will introduce you to the exciting new features of Microsoft’s next generation of software. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product...

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Lao Zhou trick: 360 camera free how to make money?

360 camera “free” show, in the final analysis is an event marketing, or can be understood as a product trial show as a free gimmicks. Furthermore, the seemingly “free” trial show, in fact, is not truly free. Because the user only “willing” to access qihoo 360, clouds, and continued to use its cloud services such as cloud video premise, to enjoy “free”. This requirement to disclose the old weeks webcam free boys, but rather promote cloud platforms, mining the data. As the money train users before you take a taxi to the last drop, 360 by 360 safe users free culture, to foster user behaviors and habits the 360 cloud platform, Zhou hongyi tried to with the help of cameras, a portal to foster user behavior. Once the user’s behavior is training, so 360 can by way of rent cloud platform to users to collect the money and you can find a bunch of engineers dig user data value, not only for personal use, you can even sell. 360 painstakingly plan the marketing success of the show from the point of view of public opinion is, but Digest, to also Zhou hongyi was reflected in their advocacy of the so-called Internet thinking into the maze. Perhaps have 360 security guards free experience, so old a week caught up in my own thought is inescapably involved in the Internet. However, 360 security guards today’s smart for free hardware free, not a conceptual thing. 360 security guards before the free anti-virus software market itself has been, and can be said to be all PC users ‘ needs. User PC Internet computer viruses have a certain degree of cognitive and there is different levels of demand for anti-virus software, but current high cost of anti-virus software, but the user does not have too much choice. Moreover, when anti-virus software market like today’s gas market, behind the various anti-virus software manufacturers have a tacit understanding of “cooperation”. At that time, this user has a strong market demand, but also a market where cost is not low for users, even if you are not free, but a price war can also get a good share of the market. 360 chose a more radical free, it makes user initiation has cheap consumer psychology, letting nature take its course contributed to the success of 360 security guards. A requirement already exists, but in a market dominated by higher-priced smartphones accounted for, millet with a cheap role more quickly into the market, which is also caught consumers ‘ “cheap” psychological needs. For smart camera market is concerned, this is not a market that has been developed, which means that user for the camera to enter the House in this matter has not fully prepared psychologically. After all, in this private space, you allow users to place a camera in the home, the first mental reaction was a breach of privacy. It is about users ‘ privacy against the theory of demand and security, how really unpredictable. Old weeks mentioned in consumers ‘ minds when theory, a strong private mind pure open needs to do something “safe” things are undoubtedly there is some conflict. Perhaps the old ideal of the week is such a mental orientation of 360 Security to define all security-related matters and the market, extending around security in hard and soft aspects, this ideal was plump, but reality sometimes surprisingly skinny. Network security accidents, who can believe that the cloud is absolutely safe. Even Apple’s closed system, it can be said at present is relatively safe, its user “pornographic” data is leaked. Lao Zhou will be loaded at a highly focused on the privacy of a monitoring tool, and force users to access monitoring data to the cloud platform, in case your employees have any addictions, like in the Office to watch the live broadcast, it is a... This does not take into account hacker risk public live on the Internet directly to a camera. Old weeks free camera simply because it hopes to present to the user in the user’s home in “monitor” the user’s every move, and get user-related data, and from these data mining opportunities. In my opinion, Zhou hongyi the plump ideal outcomes will be the skinny end. Because in this strong security requirements of the market, whether it is with Zhou hongyi personal credibility, or 360 brand’s credibility, it is difficult to support its users ‘ trust. Bluntly said, the cloud even if it is the Ministry of public security certification, there are also security concerns in the minds of consumers.

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China’s Traffic Jams Give Car Hailing Apps Open Road - 07/30/15, via Wall Street Journal

Jean Liu, president of Chinese taxi-calling app DiDi Dache, discusses how China's traffic makes it a hot market for car hailing services at the Converge technology conference in Hong Kong.

Sponsored App Review: iSkysoft Android Data Recovery Software - 07/30/15, via Android Headlines

There are numerous reasons for which a user might have lost their data, but iSkysoft can help to ensure that the data doesn’t have to stay lost ... Once the software is installed on your PC, you can set it up to open up automatically following the ...

Open Source Needs Butts More Than Bucks - 07/30/15, via Light Reading

Open Source can't be stopped though. This is epitomized by this: I've bought one and eager to get my hands on one--they claim that both the hardware and software is totally ...


  1. Acquired new virus, can't open antivirus software - Am I ... Acquired new virus, can't open antivirus software. Started by Matt_B , Jun 28 2009 07:07 PM. Page 1 of 2 ; 1; 2; Next; This topic is locked; ... Update Malwarebytes ...
  2. really bad virus, can not open anti-virus? | Yahoo Answers I also can't open or download any anti-virus in ... After this make sure you do ALL the Windows updates and then install some proper anti-virus software.
  3. Why can't I open any web pages with anti virus software ... I can open all the other websites but not the ones with antivirus software. It redirects me to other pages or the message "can't connect to the internet ...
Thanks to all of you!
Thanks to all of you!
Haven't been around much, my apologies to all of you. Had a few problems with the computer a while back, (December last year!), some desperate attempts were made on my part to resurrect the beast.......mostly to no avail. Finally got the machine up and running although now minus the old graphics card plus the 2Gb RAM I used to have, (all failed probably due to the original power supply fault!). So now according to 'windoze' I have a rubbish PC and my copy of vista doesn't run very well on it. (That's an understatement if ever I heard one!) So what to do with my four year old machine, (flip, that's ancient isn't it?! can you imagine, four years old! I don't keep up with the times do I? - Sarcastic chuckle), now with 1Gb memory and cr*p graphics card - easy, buy a new one.......if that was a financial option that is. I've never been one to throw money at my problems, (and really don't understand people that do), so I looked around for an alternative which turned out to be Linux....
Photo by Victor W. on Flickr
my home desktop
my home desktop
Keeping things simple is what it's about. I try to install as few extra shells/toolbars/fancy enhancements as possible to preserve resources, avoid issues, and make things portable. I use a simular setup at work, where all those fancy tools aren't allowed anyway... officially...
Photo by *n3wjack's world in pixels on Flickr
... can’t run your antivirus software. You can’t even open your
... can’t run your antivirus software. You can’t even open your
The notices for users of FGTECH v53
The notices for users of FGTECH v53
As you can see, one of these antivirus programs is Microsoft Security ...
As you can see, one of these antivirus programs is Microsoft Security ...

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