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URANT Wireless Router 300Mbps WiFi Extender Repeater Amplifier Wireless Access Point/Repeater Mode Mini AP Router Network Signal Booster Dual External Antenna Comply with 802.11n/g/b with WPS-2.4GHz

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  • Wall plug design and works with nearly all mainstream devices like smartphone, iPad, tablet, pc, desktop, laptop, computer and routers
  • Ideal for home office,hotel, starbucks and bookstore application. A portable travel extender possess repeater/router/AP mode
  • Dual 315° high gain antennas provide better signal coverage and performance to build up a strong reliable and stable wireless connection

Product description

Wireless Setup
1.Plug router into wall. Wait approx. 1 minute to establish a signal till see steady blink(Wlan)
2. On your phone/tablet/laptop/PC connect to wifi signal which name is "Wireless-N" (NOT your existing Wifi)
3. Open your browser and enter on address bar
4. Username and password are both "admin" after login
5. Click on the desired mode of operation then click on "Save"
6. Select your existing Wifi network and click "Apply"
7. Change the Repeater SSID(if you want) and Security key to EXACTLY match the SSID and password of your Wifi network. Click "Apply".

Worse after setup, how to make it better?
1.For example: Room 1 has strong signal with router in it while room 2 has weak signal. The distance between them is 10 meters.
The perfect place should be 4 meters from room 1. So that it can get strong signal from room 1 and extend signal to room 2
2.Avoid obstruction such as wall electronics such as Microwave Bluetooth device
3. AP mode is a good choice, connect your PC with this unit via an ethernet cable
4. Pls note that you final signal is always decided by your main router. If your router is strong , it works better

Why can't access to login page after entering in the browser?
A. Pls ensure you connected to the wireless network which name is "Wireless-N"
B. Finish A still can't open the login page, use the Ethernet cable to connect this unit with your PC, Tblets etc
C. If the computer still can't access the login page, try your phone
D. If you can't find the " Wireless-N" wifi signal, pls reset this unit

Any technical support, pls contact

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Office 2008 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual

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Flickr Disables Snapjoy's Flickraft API Key
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my desktop - i think it's the coolest evar ;)
my desktop - i think it's the coolest evar ;)
(cross posted to my site/blog/lifestream/whatever ) first i want to point out that this is on a 42" lcd hdtv in the living room and i use a wireless kb and mouse... second, pretty much everything you see is Yahoo! Widgets, Rainmeter, ObjectDock, and Stickies... if you want your desktop like mine, just google those names... on the left is our budget for the month using Stickies, but, if you look, it is a bit transparent and you will see it is actually the top sticky atop a few others, but this is the only open one - they roll up... (i hide windows desktop icons under my sticky notes...) you can see i have another little note in the middle of the screen, at the top... beneath the budget are a couple icons of stuff i need to do - check out the PlayOn app, put Iron Man on my mom's psp, etc.... it's sorta' my to-do stack... and the bottom left hand corner - that little blue thing - i can drag a file onto that and...
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extensions? .wps! And it is just what we need to open, a WPS file ...
extensions? .wps! And it is just what we need to open, a WPS file ...
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How To Open and Convert Microsoft Works (.WPS) Files Without MS Word
How To Open and Convert Microsoft Works (.WPS) Files Without MS Word
How To Open and Convert Microsoft Works (.WPS) Files Without MS Word
How To Open and Convert Microsoft Works (.WPS) Files Without MS Word

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