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Starbucks to open stores in Ferguson, low-income neighborhoods 07/16/15, via USA TODAY

Starbucks officials say they will open 15 new locations in low income and predominantly minority neighborhoods, including a store near the epicenter of last year's unrest in Ferguson, Mo., as part of an effort to broaden the coffee company's footprint

Starbucks opening first location in Bay County 08/05/15, via

The Seattle, Washington-based coffee giant, best known for its green and white cups featuring a mermaid logo, is opening a new location near the intersection of State and East Wilder roads in Bangor Township, according to a Starbucks spokesperson.

Open Carry Huntsville PD stop at Starbucks

Open Carry Police Stop After TV Interview. The officers were very courteous and polite while still doing their job.


Open Leadership

Open Leadership

Published by John Wiley & Sons 2010

ISBN 0470636696,9780470636695
336 pages

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Brooklyn Staycation: A Day In Kensington - Ditmas Park Corner

Looking for a way to get away without the hassle of taking a trip. Brooklyn Staycation is your guide to taking a breather without ever leaving the borough. Each week, we will zoom in on different Brooklyn neighborhood. Today, we will take you on a walk through Kensington and its surrounding area. Check out more Brooklyn Staycations here. From quiet streets lined with trees and rowhouses to vibrant communities of immigrants from around the globe — from Bangladesh and Pakistan to Italy and Albania — Kensington is an incredibly diverse neighborhood nestled near the two lush and... During your day in the neighborhood, treat yourself to cuisines from throughout the world, relax in a Turkish bathhouse, see the graves of Civil War generals and baseball legends at Green-Wood Cemetery, explore some of the 585 acres that make up... To get to Kensington, take the F or the G subway lines to the Church Avenue or Fort Hamilton stops, or the F to the Ditmas Avenue or 18th Avenue stops. You can also catch the B8, B16, B67, B68, B69, B70, and B103 local buses to our area, as well as the BM1, BM2, BM3, and BM4 express buses. Kensington’s cuisine is an incredibly varied one, with everything from Middle Eastern to Mexican to Thai restaurants lining the neighborhood’s streets. Whether you’re in the mood for more traditional Americana dishes or want to embark on an international adventure for the palate, this is a great place to explore. Head over to Green-Wood Cemetery — located right around the corner from Steeplechase, Brancaccio’s, Fina, and Batata (walk straight down Fort Hamilton Parkway and there’s no way you’ll miss it). Founded in 1838, the now-National Historic Landmark... By the early 1860s, the green haven became known across the country and attracted 500,000 visitors a year, who would flock there for family outings, carriage rides, and more.

Source: Ditmas Park Corner

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The 3 rudest things customers do in Jersey City coffee shops - 08/11/15, via New Jersey Online

The regular customers you see at Starbucks every day, typing away on their laptops with ... but he thinks people should at least spend money if they sit and work. "My concern is: I'm open for business," he said. "At least buy a coffee or a sandwich and ...

New student housing part of continuing revival of mid-town St. Louis - 08/12/15, via Fox2now

LOUIS (KTVI) – When St. Louis University students start moving for the fall semester some will be ... a club room and a bar selling Starbucks coffee. But how can students afford something so deluxe? ‘You don`t actually rent the full apartment, you ...

One-track mind: What I learned spending an entire day on the People Mover - 08/11/15, via Model D

I still can't say what the purpose of the assignment was ... If one train stays at a station for longer than the standard amount of time, say, because a rider held the door open, then all the trains idle at their next stop for the same amount of time.


  1. How do I open a starbucks in my home town and who can I ... Best Answer: You can't unless you are apart of the Starbucks company. Starbucks is not a franchise. Every Starbucks you see is owned and operated by the ...
  2. How to open Starbucks - Starbucks Coffee (Unofficial Fan site) It will be a good competition and Starbucks can make more profits as most of the Pakistani knows and ... i live in como and so desperate to open starbucks here in ...
  3. How To Buy A Starbucks Franchise - The Franchise King® Hello My name is Rinat i am from Czech Republic i want to open starbucks in my city Prague…can you send me some information what i need for start.
November 1st and 25th
November 1st and 25th
Opening That Door And Passing Through It Put Him In A Completely Different World. A Few Steps forward or a few steps back At that point and there was a significant difference in atmosphere. Starbucks Always Felt Like That To Ronald. The Scent of ideally Roasted Coffee Beans and placid jazz notes glided softy to the nose and ear, respectively. There were few people here, some occupied with books, some taking advantage of the wireless internet here, some simply staring out at a stressful world that there were glad to be separate from. The kind Ronald found here; He Always though them to be sophisticated and admired them. He’d Give Anything to Be Them. Anything To Escape Himself. But, All of these thoughts were forgotten the instant He spotted two female baristas behind the counter. He stood up a little Straighter and approached the counter. “I’ll Be with you in a second,” Said The Shorter Of the two baristas before handing out a steaming hot coffee to and older gentleman who nodded...
Photo by ATiwolf on Flickr
Stairways, Malibu Ca
Stairways, Malibu Ca
View large on black regarding the art of subtraction and my ever expanding theory of photography.... i have a box in my closet... a box of 35MM developed film rolls and stacks upon stacks of pictures... some of the worse stuff you've ever seen :) compositionally speaking, over a decade ago... i would by up rolls of fuji 400 ISO 5 packs for like 12 bucks.... at CVS... and burn thru them in an afternoon delight, wandering the backwoods and shorelines of New England... as practice, and I would actually pay to have them developed. How else would you learn what NOT to snap, if you didn't ever snap it in the first place. Ever feel like your going backwards? I do at times. In summer months I forget the subtleties of the camera.. of the shoot... oh, it comes back quickly, usually in the first outing or so. And then in the winter months, my presentation skills get frosty... the curves and the colors, the bent horizons and noisy skies... the this and that.... all skills need a little...
Photo by ™ Pacheco on Flickr
78/365 13 things
78/365 13 things
(FGR) 13 things you may or may not know about me... 1) I like immigrants and I hate that its cool for relatively open minded people to act like immigrants are subhuman. If there was a country out there 3 times better than mine with a better economy and I had a family, you can best bet I'd try to get in. I'm extra nice to people who seem fresh off the boat cause of how rude i'm sure others they interact with are. 2) I've went from being a hopeless romantic to petrified of love and its effects in 5 short years. 3) I am actually thankful that I am gay. It has nothing to do with sexuality, but my view of the world. 4) I have wicked low self esteem. (no secret). so i rarely think i am better than anyone. however to compensate for this, sometimes my attitude can come off snotty and pretentious. But its completely the opposite. I find it ironic. 5) I quit smoking earlier this year. I actually think I won't start up again... until my mom dies. That's not necessarily going to happen...
Photo by ~Twon~ on Flickr
Starbucks review/evaluation
Starbucks review/evaluation
Starbucks Hours | What Time Does Starbucks Close-Open?
Starbucks Hours | What Time Does Starbucks Close-Open?

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