Kitchenware One Touch Can Opener Problems


Manual Can Opener Stainless Steel

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  • ★Multi-Function 3-IN-1: Universal opener design for all sizes of can, built in bottle cap, lever & tin. You can use it to open canned fruit, beer, and canned salmon. Made from FDA approved and food grade stainless steel
  • ★Sharp Cutting Wheel: The manual opener with cutting wheel makes cut the cans pretty quickly. This kitchen gadget cuts the cans lid from the side in a smooth and clean manner without leaving jagged edges.
  • ★Anti-Slip Handle: This opener has an extra big and soft turning knob for easy and smooth maneuvering. The long and ergonomic anti-slip handle offers a comfortable grip for your safety while being extremely strong and thick

Product description

Product Introduction:
- MISSONE Manual Can Opener provides professional, safe and efficient opening experience in the daily life.
- These Bottle & Can Opener is a Perfect Choice for Home Kitchen, Restaurants, Camping, Barbecue Parties and Outdoor Picnics.
-Multi-Function - This Opener can be used on tin can, oil can, milk can, cat dog food can, metal can, aluminum can, beer can, small can, large can, round can, square can, water bottle, jar etc.

- Model: OP-A1
- Type: Can Opener
- Net Weight: 8.84 Oz
- Length: 8 inch
- Thickness: 0.8 inch
- Products dimension: 8*2*inch
- Blade Material: Stainless Steel

How to Use:
1. Take the manual can opener and spread the two handles apart.
2. Place the wheel on the lip of the can and squeeze the two handles together, which will bite into the can lid by the lip.
3. Turn the knob on the opener in a clockwise direction until the can lid is completely opened.
4.Please kindly keep your can opener in the dry environment or in the drawer. It can be also hang up to save space.

Customer Service:
- If you have any questions with your order or product, please always feel free to contact us via Amazon email. Go your account- your order- order information- contact seller. We are always happy to help you.

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Does the One Touch Can Opener Really Work?

When I was at a friend's house, she used the One Touch can opener while we were preparing food in her kitchen. I was amazed as she set the can opener on.


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One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Can Opener
cans can be rough on sensitive hands arthritis and joint problems can ...
cans can be rough on sensitive hands arthritis and joint problems can ...
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One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Can Opener

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