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Electric Can Opener, BangRui Automatic Can Opener One-Touch Start 4AA Batteries Operated Smooth Soft Edge for Seniors/ Arthritic Hands, Purple

by BangRui
Price: $59.99 Buy Now

  • SAVE STRENGTH: This little kitchen gadget is a great tool for people who have arthritis, also perfect for seniors, old father and old mother. Fits for home kitchen , restaurant, travel, camping.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC : The size makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use, can opener dimension is 4.76inch(L) &2.85inch(W) &2.44inch(H), weight is about 0.44lb, easily to storage the can opener in drawer, it does not take up much more space.
  • ELECTRIC CAN OPENER:Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), suggest you use rechargeable battery ,it is much more home friendly eco friendly and cheaper than having to buy batteries.

Product description

Durable high quality can opener electric fits for home kitchen , restaurant, travel .Ergonomic smooth edge portable can opener kitchenaid, automatically opens your cans in seconds. Practical family necessities, stainless steel cutting mechanism cuts around the side creating an easily re-sealable lid with a safe smooth edge. Important Note: The Can Opener will not open rimless cans or cans with odd corners. Please read the instructions carefully before use it.

BangRui Electric Can Opener Introduction: BangRui Can hands free Soft Edge Automatic can opener will open all your cans quickly and easily at the touch of a button, with no strenuous squeezing or manual labor. This can opener features the newest assistive Auto-Stop technology and a new even more compact design. Simply mount the can opener on the can, press the button to turn it on, and watch the can opener swivel around the can automatically stopping on its own when it's done. The stainless steel cutting mechanism cuts around the side creating an easily re-sealable lid with a safe smooth edge, great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal or storing for later use. BangRui Electric Can Opener automatically opens your cans in seconds. The small but mighty Can opens any size can's lid whether small, medium or large--and it cuts from the side so it doesn't leave any sharp edges. Hygienic - lid never falls into food. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Sleek, low profile design for easy storage. BangRui High Quality Kitchen Tools and Gadgets Focusing on functionality, durability, design, cleanliness and safety.

Emergency Escape Axe Hammer, Anumit 16-in-1 Multi-function Alloy Steel Hammer-axe with Plier, Knife, Can Opener, Screwdriver & More

by Anumit
Price: $23.89 Buy Now

  • FUNCTION - Hatchet, handle lock, mini knife, cross screwdriver, fish fork, saw, cutting knife, allen key, opener bottle, flat screwdriver, file, scale scratched off knife, hammer, cutting tool, locking plier, flat nose plier, pliers, axe, big pliers, clamp handle, spear, saws, knife, allen wrench, scale knife, rasp, wire cutter, can opener and wrench.
  • USE -The axe hammer fits camping, outdoor hiking&activities, exploring travel, chopping small branches, fixes kits, cut, pry, twist the screw, open fire hydrant, dissolution of the glass curtain wall, saw wood, handy from hammering the tent stakes to chopping, cut the rope curtain, in a dangerous escape etc.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your favorite no-risk purchase. We back this tool with our famous 1-year warranty. BUY YOURS NOW! It makes a Perfect gift for Father's Day or for men and women who like to be ready for anything!

Product description

Why you don't take the basics are right at your fingertips?
The Hammer-axe Multitool keeps it simple -- and light, and compact, and easy to transport. Why waste time with pointless,hammer,heavy add-ons when all the basics are right at your fingertips? With its open hardware, skeletal design and hardy appearance.

This Hammer-axe Multitool includes:
- axe
- screw clamp
- Pliers hand
- wire cutters
- wire cutters
- hammer
- File
- serrated knife
- sharp knife
- bucksaw
- cross screwdriver
- Three kinds of specifications of the wrench
- Bottle opener

Hammer Tool Specification:
Material: stainless steel
Color: grey
Folded size: 16*9*3.5CM(6.29*3.54*1.38in)
Package: 1 x mini plier

When and Where can you use it?
Compact and portable, the Anumitmit Multitool is the ultimate survival tool for long car trips, traveling construction work, or outdoor adventures like camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing. It makes a great gift for Father's Day or for men and women who like to be ready for anything!

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Never Forget a Bottle Opener Again by Attaching One to Your Cooler 07/02/15, via Lifehacker

This scenario might sound familiar: you've packed up your cooler with beer and ice, you get to your picnic site, and you realize you forgot a bottle opener so you're forced to improvise. You can easily avoid that scenario by attaching one to your cooler.

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Contraband watches find drugs, razor blades, tattoo machine - 07/11/15, via Minneapolis Star Tribune

After more than 15 days on contraband watch, an inmate produced two rolled-up notes written by inmates, a bundle of string, a tattoo motor, a tattoo shaft, a bottle of ink, and a six-inch plastic inmate-made knife with a metal tip. — After nearly 15

Forging a horsehead bottle opener

Alec Steele hand forging a Brian Brazeal horsehead bottle opener. Buy the tools used to make this - http://blacksmithingtools.


Maloney's Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory

Maloney's Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory

Published by Krause Publications 2003

ISBN 9780873497329,0873497325
192 pages

"The seventh edition of David Maloney's now-famous directory contains more of the same resource information for which it has been so highly acclaimed by the media, collectors, dealers, appraisers, and auctioneers alike." "Despite its size, it is easy to locate information in this massive and highly detailed work thanks in large part to its comprehensive and thoroughly cross-referenced index which is unique to the industry." "This edition of Maloney's continues to keep up the expansive growth in Internet activity - more than 15,000 listings now have e-mail addresses and more than 11,000 listings have Web sites."--BOOK JACKET.

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Dee thought back to twenty years when she was 13 and walking home from the summer school class she had to take to make up for a failed math class and she saw a garage door open just like Deb's garage door was open and she spotted a wooden case of... She paused and without knowing why went in the garage and took a bottle and walked a few steps before realizing she didn't have a bottle opener for it. So she went back and returned it. The woman in the terry cloth bathrobe looked at her with a... Dee remembered going to see them in Dallas. Who had she gone with. She tried to remember. That's something that should have stood out – who went with her to see the Rolling Stones in 1989 but she couldn't think. Maybe she had gone alone. Gone to see the Rolling-freak-Stones alone.

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Contraband watches find drugs, razor blades, tattoo machine - 07/11/15, via New Jersey Herald

After more than 15 days on contraband watch, an inmate produced two rolled-up notes written by inmates, a bundle of string, a tattoo motor, a tattoo shaft, a bottle of ink ... finger nail clippers and a can opener from an inmate. By The Associated Press ...

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SINGAPORE — We were a little shocked when we heard that we might find shark ... which you can go ahead and be jealous of. “Discovery sends me the coolest swag. It sends me a boxful of stuff every year — everything from hats to can openers to ...

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You can't bottle it, not even Sheik Mansour can buy what supporters can and do supply for their club. It will not ever be empirically proven the role Impact supporters played at Olympic Stadium the night of Cameron Porter's added time marker on March 3.


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What's in my bag May 1st, 2011
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Description Combination can bottle opener.jpg
Description Combination can bottle opener.jpg
... > Keychain Bottle Openers > Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Keychain
... > Keychain Bottle Openers > Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Keychain
Buy Can Opener Bottle Opener | BO2102. Unique combination! Can opener ...
Buy Can Opener Bottle Opener | BO2102. Unique combination! Can opener ...

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