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Tuna noodle, broccoli cheese, shepherd’s pie? Sure, these potluck stalwarts have a rich history and can be fashioned with panache. But, let’s admit it. They’re played out, tired, and just plain BORING. To all whom adore the classic but tasteless, please kiss my . . . casserole!

Why not look around the world and find inspiration? Ever try a Chinese shaguo? How about an Ethiopian wat? I'll bet you never even thought of cooking up a Icelandic Ofnsteiktur fiskur með lauk og osti! Now’s your chance!

Kiss My Casserole! to the rescue. This book updates, overhauls, and flies the humble casserole

around the globe with delicious, simple, and innovative results. Accessible ingredients, familiar

techniques, and a touch of the exotic will make you a star at the next office luncheon. Your

colleagues will clamor for more! You’ll find easy-to-follow recipes for:

•Southwest tomato tamale pie

•Berlin sausage kraut casserole

•Ghanaian yam casserole

•Tuscan barley pilaf

•Mumbai lamb biryani

•Creole Cassoulet

•Thai coconut chicken casserole

•Crab scampi bake

•Strawberry rhubarb crisp

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people tend to skip it, especially during the busy work week. They grab a coffee or perhaps a fruit to go. However, they would be better off waking up extra earlier to prepare a healthy breakfast and start the day on a better note.

Sure, you might say you are not hungry in the morning. However, changes take time and if your body is used to no food until noon, then your body is not getting the required nutrients to energize it throughout the day. If you start giving your body some calories to ingest in the morning, it will start getting used to it and will require them on a regular basis. If you are used to skipping breakfast, start by light morning meals such as smoothies, a small bowl of oatmeal or a few fruits with a slice of cheese. Then, you can gradually increase the calories, or portions depending on your appetite, your doctor’s recommendations and your overall health.

We are proud to present to you in this cookbook diversified recipes for any morning for the week or the weekend. Enjoy!


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One Green Planet

A Green Monster's Weekly Meal Plan: Fall Recipes 07/13/15, via One Green Planet

with every last bite. We have lots of porridge recipes you can choose from, but why not start with these 10 healthy, flavor-packed options? Try out all our favorite cozy casserole recipes for your fall dinners and, of course, cozy lunches made


Cooking with Lauren K: Made-Over Yellow Squash Casserole 06/24/15, via WTAJ

Linda Bryan submitted her recipe for her yellow squash casserole in March for the Recipe Makeover Contest and I wanted to use my own recipe to give hers a healthy twist. Hope you enjoy it as much as my family does Linda! You can also find this recipe

Healthy Taco Casserole Recipe - HASfit Healthy Mexican Recipes - Healthy Dinner Recipe

Android http://goo. gl/q1rpi0 -- iPhone http://goo. gl/6N3gfS Here's a healthy taco casserole recipe that will.


Quick Healthy Cooking: Low Carb Ideas and Grain Free Goodness

Quick Healthy Cooking: Low Carb Ideas and Grain Free Goodness

Published by Speedy Publishing LLC 2014

ISBN 9781630228194,1630228192
225 pages

Quick Healthy Cooking: Low Carb Ideas and Grain Free Goodness The Quick Healthy Cooking book contains two diet plans, the Grain Free Diet and the Low Carb Diet. Each of these offers recipes for quick healthy meals by using the healthy cooking recipes in each section. Both diet plans offers a great way to use healthy foods through the quick and easy recipes in order to develop a healthier lifestyle. If your aim is to lose weight or just get healthy these healthy food recipes are just what you need. You will find enough healthy eating recipes to plan a menu for over several weeks without repeating. These easy food recipes make it a cinch to step into a healthier lifestyle with your diet. The first section of the Quick Healthy Cooking book is on the Grain Free Diet with these chapters:...

Recipe ideas with (almost) no washing up

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Planning is key to eating healthy on a budget - 07/22/15, via Michigan State University

Planning also helps ensure you are eating foods that are healthy ... Stews, casseroles and stir-fry dishes are great ways to use smaller amounts of meat in your meals, which will help lower your grocery bill. You can find many quick and easy recipes ...

Home cooking: You don’t have to start from scratch - 07/21/15, via The News & Observer

“It’s not just picking up a bunch of frozen casseroles from Costco ... One woman with a reputation for being a good and healthy cook described her current favorite meal: She goes to Trader Joe’s and gets the pre-cooked lentils, arugula and ...

B1G 2015 // The Minnesota Potluck is learning to say casserole - 07/15/15, via SB Nation Off Tackle Empire

As always, the titles contain links to recipes. Let's get those casseroles in the oven and fly through questions ... Now that everyone is healthy and ready to go on the line, that opens up things for everyone else, including the West’s best defensive ...


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Dr Oz: Mexican Tortilla Casserole Recipe & Healthy Casserole Ideas
Dr Oz: Mexican Tortilla Casserole Recipe & Healthy Casserole Ideas
Casserole will be the perfect main at your next potluck! More healthy ...
Casserole will be the perfect main at your next potluck! More healthy ...
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Healthy Casserole Ideas
Healthy Casserole Ideas
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