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Life at Full Draw 09/17/15, via El Dorado News-Times

I walked out onto my porch and enjoyed my buck deer coffee cup full of Folgers while watching squirrels and birds all over the yard. The squirrels were after I realized that I wanted my birthday and Christmas gift to consist of just one thing. I

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A View from Inside the CNN/Reagan Library Presidential Debate 09/17/15, via Fox and Hounds Daily

The four clear podiums with a white column were set up for the first debate in front of Air Force One, each with a pad of paper, 2 pens, 2 bottles of CNN water and a Reagan Library California coffee mug. People were going to the podiums and taking

DIY Coffee Mugs ❄ #DIYDecember Day 9

A super easy and budget friendly gift that's totally customizable. Here's another DIY gift idea: http://youtu.


QuickBooks 2013 & Accounting For Dummies eBook Set

QuickBooks 2013 & Accounting For Dummies eBook Set

Published by John Wiley & Sons 2012

ISBN 9781118602904,1118602900
1210 pages

Two complete e-books on accounting essentials and using QuickBooks for one low price! This unique value-priced e-book set brings together two bestselling For Dummies books in a single e-book file. Including a comprehensive table of contents and the full text of each book, complete with cover, this e-book set helps you learn the essentials of accounting and then manage your accounting records with QuickBooks 2013. Best of all, you'll pay less than the cost of each book purchased separately. You'll get the complete text of: QuickBooks 2013 For Dummies, which helps you to Save time by organizing your business's financial information Process invoices and payroll, build a budget, and track expenses Estimate job costs, manage inventory, generate financial reports, and prepare for tax time...

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Life at Full Draw - El Dorado News-Times

Life at Full Draw. So thankful that you took time out of your day to join me on this wonderful Thursday. I was debating over my morning brew what I should discuss today, and it came to me so easy because of the sudden weather change earlier this week. I have to admit that Sunday morning was wonderful. I walked out onto my porch and enjoyed my buck deer coffee cup full of Folgers while watching squirrels and birds all over the yard. The squirrels were after persimmons on our two large trees. There were also twin fawns with their mother eating the persimmons that the squirrels were dropping or knocking loose. The cool morning temperature made me wish that I were 20 feet up a big pine tree with my bow waiting for a nice buck. I would even settle for a big sow hog since it was so cool. I am so ready for next Saturday that I can’t stand it. Opening day of archery season is upon us brothers and sisters. Fall is my favorite time of year. Teal season, archery season, gun season and duck season. A lot takes place that I enjoy in the fall. I love my coffee don’t get me wrong. Just don’t make my coffee into an autumn-flavored calorie-filled disaster. I don’t fill my house with pumpkin-scented potpourri or wax melts. When I hear the word fall, I think of leaves, hunting, camo, deer stands, blinds, grunt calls, doe estrous, duck calls and frosty cool mornings. I’ve got to stop talking about it. My trigger finger is getting jumpy. I wanted to talk about that first bow kill today. The biggest adrenaline rush any archer will ever experience. I know it was for me. The story behind it gets my heart racing. I became interested in bow hunting back in Fall 2007. I was a freshman in college. My dad had one, and I tried to draw it. Drew it fine but my draw length was about a half-inch shorter than his. I realized that I wanted my birthday and Christmas gift to consist of just one thing. I wanted a bow hunting set-up. Of course, that consists of arrows, bow, sights, arrow rest, quiver, nocks, broadheads, practice points, release and a target. I settled on a Hoyt Trykon and vowed to practice a bunch and not take it hunting until the next deer season. A year’s worth of waiting was torture but I wanted to be good and not rush it. Fast-forward a year and it’s Oct. My last class of the day and it lets out at 1:50pm. Just enough time to drive from Magnolia to New London and be on my stand by 3 p. m. , as long as I didn’t meet traffic or a state trooper. I got home and changed into my camo. I parked my four-wheeler in my hiding spot and walked to my stand. I climbed up and tethered myself with my safety harness. I got comfortable on the tiny seat and nocked an arrow. And now to wait. It will be my first time to hunt with my bow. I figured it would be an hour or two before I saw a deer since it was 73 degrees and sunny. I looked out over the overgrown clearcut after being there just 20 minutes and my heart stopped. Coming through the tall grasses was a rack. I was on the adrenaline rush that would kill most people. He walked into the timber and investigated every bush and leaf. I was praying for 25 yards broadside at an opening he was walking towards. As his head was behind a tree I went full draw, waiting on him to step out from behind it. Five seconds seemed like 20 minutes. I looked through my peep sight. I aimed a couple of inches above where I should. He falls and stumbles. He spins around and I watch him run to the clearcut. He runs maybe 40 yards and I hear him crash. I see bushes shake when he falls. I know where he is. I am shaking so bad that I am afraid I will fall out of the tree so I sit down. I am breathing so fast and so excited I can’t contain myself. I calm down for about 10 minutes and climb down. I follow the trail. It was so easy to follow with the perfect shot. I find him with the arrow 5 feet from him. The last 4 inches of it along with my broadhead are missing. Make a note to be extra careful at the skinning rack. I drop to my knees to check him out. I tear up and thank the Good Lord for this meat, and I thank the buck. I am so full of adrenaline that I load him with no help. I am jacked up. We get him skinned and quartered. I take the horns to Simmons’ Sporting Goods for the Big Buck Contest. He scores 97 inches Pope and Young. I stayed in first place in the ladies archery category for 7 weeks until people started.

Personalized I Love You Coffee Mug

Romantic Gifts

Express your love by saying it every day with customizable coffee mugs mug like these. These personalized mugs come in various sizes and shapes so you can find the perfect fit for the one you love. A great gift for girlfriends and boy friends to give each other this Valentine's Day This mug may be personalized with any name to make it a truly romantic gift idea. These mugs are sold individually#44; not as a set.

Personalized Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Mug Set

Romantic Gifts

Start your morning off knowing that he's Mr. Right and she's Mrs. Always Right when you both share a cup of coffee from these fun coffee mugs. These make for a great gift for your wife to let her know who is always right. Personalized with any two names#44; one for each mug#44; this romantic mug set makes a great gift for any couple in love. .


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5 Cool Gifts For Your Favorite Football Fan - 09/07/15, via Inventor Spot

It is 100% ceramic and dishwasher safe--just a regular coffee mug, with a great message ... These NFL Bedding sets or Bed In A Bags, from Northwest, are great gifts for football fans. Is the teenager in your family into football? Are you a die hard ...

Sharpie Mug DIY Project - 02/14/15, via PopSugar Celebrity

Do you have a plain, boring mug that needs a bit of spicing up? Personalize your cups and mugs by drawing on them! You can use them to add personality to your home or even give them as gifts to your loved ones. Here's how to start: Some Sharpie mug DIYers ...

Starbucks year end clearance on Christmas coffee, mugs, gift sets and drinkware - 12/28/14, via Examiner

$13.97 (reg. $19.95) 30th Anniversary Swarovski® Mug & Coffee Gift Set - This pretty set includes Christmas Blend coffee and a double wall traveler with sparkling Swarovski® crystals. $74.99 reg. $99.95) Heritage 1971 Pike Place Mug & Coffee Gift Set ...


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Snow, the set for a cosy home
Snow, the set for a cosy home
Collaboration project with Zanz ( inspired by my initial impressions of Lillestrøm, Norway; the breath taking snowy landscapes and their obsession for cosy homes, hot coffee and candles, lots of candles!
Photo by Katie Askwith photography on Flickr
Mug shot
Mug shot
We got a set of these mugs twenty five years ago for a wedding gift from somebody. I think this is the only one left. Still a favorite.. The coffee? Black.. No sugar, No milk No cream. That's what I get for having served 17 years in the army.. The coffee to be feared back then was KATUSA coffee.. (KATUSA= Korean Augment to The United States Army). These guys made our coffee at the mess hall in the morning.. It would disintegrate your cup if you let it.
Photo by AA7JC on Flickr
Morning Musing Part 2
Morning Musing Part 2
The monthly blues café is held at a church. Last night's opening act featured some fellow McGillians interpreting classic blues songs. They were followed by the Stephen Barry Band, rocking Montreal for probably 40 years. Very tight, good tunes. In the basement of the church, there's a bazaar that always has interesting finds. This china cup for a dollar was last night's discovery. Coffee tasted that much better this morning. I think as I sip my espresso about the previous owner, perhaps now deceased, who enjoyed tea from this lovely cup for years, maybe getting a set as a wedding gift, watching her children grow, have children of their own. Over the years, some of the pieces of the set have broken and perhaps this is the only one left. Like the custom of taking tea itself, of gathering together at the end of the day and talking with family and good friends. Perhaps there are few left who pause like that. If you're one of them, I hope we can have a cup together one day.
Photo by Tom Fullerton on Flickr
Coffee Mug Gift Set
Coffee Mug Gift Set