Kitchenware Fine Bone China Coffee Mugs


Lightahead Elegent Bone China Coffee Tea Mug set of 4, in attractive gift box in Lavender Floral Design 10 oz each cup

by Lightahead®
Price: $16.99 Buy Now

  • Made from Bone China means light weight (10 Ounce each)and translucency with strength and smooth luxurious feel.
  • One Bone China Set Contains: 4 Mugs in a reusable handmade gift pack, in Lavender Treasure Design
  • Food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe

Product description

Lightahead High Quality Bone China Tea Coffee Mugs Set of 4. Coffee Mug x 4 in a reusable handmade gift pack, in Lavender Treasure Design. Made of fine Bone China. High quality, Food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe. Packed in Beautiful gift box to make the perfect present. Set Includes Bone China four Mugs.

AWHOME Royal Fine Bone China Coffee Mug Assorted colors Tea Cup 11 oz (1, flowers)

Price: $12.29 Buy Now

  • ideal gift for her
  • Crafted Of Fine Bone China
  • Beautiful Gold-Plated Handle and Light floral design

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Belfast Telegraph

We may love a good cuppa but we still haven't got it down to a tea 07/28/15, via Belfast Telegraph

Despite all the wonderful coffee shops now thriving - at least, I hope they're thriving - we're still a nation of tea-drinkers. But, ah - how many people know satisfactorily in a mug. A mug is fine for drinking tea - but it should be bone china

Mary Kenny... how to make the perfect cuppa 07/25/15, via Irish Independent

Despite all the wonderful coffee shops now thriving - at least, I hope they're thriving - we're still a nation of tea-drinkers. In fact, Ireland has the highest satisfactorily in a mug. A mug is fine for drinking tea - but it should be bone china

Review: Heritage Fine Bone China Coffee Mugs

Henriette from Prime Coffee examines the Heritage Fine Bone China Coffee mugs. What makes them different. For product info, go.





214 pages

At Dwell, we're staging a minor revolution. We think that it's possible to live in a house or apartment by a bold modern architect, to own furniture and products that are exceptionally well designed, and still be a regular human being. We think that good design is an integral part of real life. And that real life has been conspicuous by its absence in most design and architecture magazines.

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About a year ago I hit on the idea of the skull mug. I wanted to create a mug that really looked like a skull, something that was true to form and with lots of details. It took both a traditional hands-on modeling, mixed with 3D CAD and 3D printing, to achieve the desired result. The mug is an accurate take of a real human skull because I started with real skull scans and worked to retain as much of the form and detail when creating the mug shape. I repeatedly tested the shapes modelled in CAD software, 3D printing the results, again and again until I eventually got the elegant shape and form I sought. It took many prototype prints.

Jasper Conran Strata Mug


Crafted in pure white fine bone china with an instantly recognizable silhouette, Jasper Conran's Strata bridges the gap between formal dining and casual living. Clean, contemporary shapes decorated with a gently embossed radial design make this collection a timeless classic. Perfect for coffee, tea or desserts, this Jasper Conran Strata Mug is also available as part of the 16-Piece Set.


Gilded Weave Mug


Vera Wang's Gilded Weave collection takes inspiration from the Greek and neoclassical accents that Vera uses on her couture bridal gowns. The beautiful fine bone china pattern is adorned with a broad border of woven gold with platinum details and fine gold banding. Designed with today's lifestyles in mind, the Gilded Weave Mug is ideal for coffee, tea or desserts. It is also available as part of the 4-Piece Setting.


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Perennial Pleasures: A garden of delight in East Hardwick - 07/26/15, via VTDigger

Would you believe that an English teahouse, serving afternoon tea with scones on fine bone china, set amid three acres of perennial ... Our table, with a lace cloth, was laid with delicate white cups and saucers made in the Czech Republic (other floral ...

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Still, the role he is most recognized for is that of bad-to-the-bone Hank Jennings ... products “Twin Peaks” fans will not be able to resist, including Damn Fine Coffee Mugs, Snoqualmie Falls Premium Blend Coffee, Salish Lodge & Spa Cherry Pie Filling ...


  1. Bone China Mugs - Sold Individually - English Teapots & Gifts Enjoy Your Cup of Tea or Coffee with English Fine Bone China Mugs Imported from UK 1: 2: 3: 4: 5 ... Calcimined ox bone and bone ash are major constituents.
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Black Coffee for Breakfast in White Porcelain Cup
Black Coffee for Breakfast in White Porcelain Cup
Free picture of white porcelain cup with black coffee for breakfast. This tasty drink photo was created for you by the organic bean friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image. Free coffee from good friends is the best coffee in the world. The white porcelain cup is made from the special porcelain recipe of the traditional Fine Bone China porcelain. This white mug is very light and translucent. It is perfect for hot, black coffee on the wooden table during breakfast or a warm caffeine break. Look at this picture. Imagine a beautiful day. You dink the pure caffeine magic of fresh coffee or tea. The energy is flowing into the veins and the addiction for beauty is craving for more espresso. The sun is hot and the iced drink on a white dish in the cozy bar is creating clean vision about the dream for organic plantations in the African landscape. The green leafs of the decorative plants create a warm atmosphere and the pot of...
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Intimate Corner Shelves over Desk
Intimate Corner Shelves over Desk
Bottom shelf lft to rt: Moroccan beads including large, yellow camel-bone beads, Australian Banksia grandis cone pencil holder, brushes in small glass laboratory cylinder, carafe, group portrait of bird physiologists in Los Angeles1977 (including Ray Burger, Roger Fedde and Peter Scheid), drinks and inks, microscope, dictionaries, neuroscience and pharmacology books, master & mistress of house, Brennan digital sound system, physiology texts, Augustinian cross encrusted with Welsh deposits (or possibly part of encrusted Welsh wire fence), two of four generations of Nyes ca. 1895, Rev William and Charles Nye. Shelf #2 rt to lft: Bea Waterfield before May Ball, respiratory, altitude and cardiovascular books, speaker, mother in fight ca. 1925, clock supported by recycled WordStar box, White Mountain Research Station insulated coffee mug, Scheurich plant pot, carafe with plastic cup, fine bone china Oxford mug by Peter Smith, speaker, small wooden Bangladeshi pot (courtesy of...
Photo by pcgn7 on Flickr
Still Life_B
Still Life_B
Thanks for all of your comments, faves, and invites. I appreciate them!
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bone china
bone china
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Pair Fine English Bone China Coffee Mugs - Cottage Rose Chintz
Pair Fine English Bone China Coffee Mugs - Cottage Rose Chintz

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