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The best 'budget' barbecue grill I've found: Char-Broil Performance TRU ... 08/12/15, via Boing Boing

I was looking more at modest grills. I needed a good size cooking area to handle parties for 10 to 20 people. On the lower end of the price spectrum you find charcoal hibachis. They have their place in my BBQ world. Some of the electric and portable

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Flavor of Italy to be featured at new restaurant 08/28/15, via The Garden City Telegram

“It was just a shell, and we had to redo everything, from the plumbing to the electrical, fire suppression and all kinds of stuff,” Dorigo said. The 10,000-square foot building is only a few weeks from “We will offer the best, the prime things that

Sheffield 2-in-1 Electric Barbecue Grill

If your taste buds crave for the mouth-watering grilled foods, then you can enjoy the same taste of restaurants' grilled food right in your home with Sheffield 2 in 1 .


Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue

Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue

Published by 2010

ISBN 9781458768780,1458768783
624 pages

The secret's in the sauce! Every backyard chef yearns to be known for that special brew that earns him or her a reputation as a barbecue pro. Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauces gives the outdoor cook a tasty head start. At its heart are over 50 sauces, from Granddad's Hotshot Sauce, Sweet Kansas City Sauce, and The Rib Doctor's Sauce to Smoky Peach Sauce and Berry Berry Sauce. Dozens of marinades get any food ready for the fire, and a bounty of rubs and mops will turn the most casual griller into a certified pitmaster. For extra pleasures once the food is served, there are zesty salsas and relishes, and even homemade mustards and ketchups. Each recipe points to the meats, fish, or vegetables it complements best. And, in several sections called ''Master Classes,'' readers learn how...

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5 Things You'll Need for a Memorable Family Outing

I love bringing my kids outdoors for a much needed nature therapy on weekends. I do bring them to playgrounds and parks on weekday evenings whenever I still have time and energy left after work but I feel that it is never enough. In this modern day, kids need to do more activities outdoors specially on weekends as they are either stuck in school or at home during school days. There are many benefits of spending time outdoors and doing physical activities like scooting, cycling or just running around. As my fellow nature lover friend put it, through weekend wanderings in nature you get not only nature inspiration and therapy, but also exercise, rejuvenating body and mind. One of my favourite nature quotes is by John Muir:. Since we don't have a family car, I find it really challenging to book a barbecue pit at the beach park and bring all the stuff we need for grilling. Grill at home and pack it. This "baby" was my best kitchen purchase to date. So easy to use and it grills vegetables and meat nicely, just the way we like it. All I need is a heat insulated food container and we are good to go for a picnic with pre-grilled food. Another best purchase I had to date was K's red foldable bike. I love how convenient it is to transport from one place to another, we can even take the train with it. It also fits perfectly inside the car boot whenever we take a cab to the beach park or botanic gardens for a picnic. K and my husband, M love to cycle. G have yet to learn how to cycle so he prefers to scoot. *Whispers* Confession: I am very lazy to print out our family photos from my DSLR camera and iPhone. I know, I know. As I make a mental note to go to the printing shop soon, I think the real solution to my laziness is a polaroid camera that comes with an instax printer. It will save me the trouble to save photos and go to a photo printing shop. Best of all, we can see and adore our precious family photos right away.

Source: Sweet Memoirs

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Duke Energy Is Prepared For Tropical Storm Erika - 08/28/15, via The Street

Not use a gas grill or generator inside ... home - or if you evacuate your home - turn off your power at the circuit breaker panel or fuse box. Electric current passes easily through water, so stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires.

Hurricane Party and Survival Tips From Miami's Best Chefs - 08/28/15, via Miami New Times

Timon Balloo (Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill) For a party, I would be sure to have board games ... Stout on hand — it also makes for a good coffee substitute if you only have electric machines and you have no plans for the day. And, of course, I'd play some ...

Best Of 2015 winners: Dining - 08/28/15, via Anderson Independent-Mail

When it comes to the best bar in town, you’re looking for three things ... you will make it for the case of goodies that resides at Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill in downtown Anderson. Its options are many and their specialties are, well, everything.


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Like the other 650cc models the Trophy gained unit construction in 1963. This traded some smoothness for performance as a few pounds were lost. Regal Purple replaced Polychromatic Burgundy. For 1964 the bike received stronger front forks, which improved handling. The Smiths Chronometric instruments were replaced by the magnetic type and Hifi-Scarlet replaced Regal Purple. In 1965 a locating pin for finding TDC was added to allow timing without the use of a dial gauge. Burnished Gold and Alaskan White was used for colour. In 1966 the tank badge style changed for the "Harmonica" style to the "Eye-brow". Confusingly the model designators for the US now reverted to TR6R and TR6C. The electrics changed to 12V and a bigger 6pt oil tank added. The front brake drum was redesigned to allow a larger braking surface. Pacific Blue replaced the Gold for this year.[8]TR6C models were solid Pacific Blue with white stripes along the centre of the petrol tank, which was now a...
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Best Grill for Indoor
Best Grill for Indoor
Grills Reviews | Top 10 Best Grills Reviews And Consumer Complaints ...
Grills Reviews | Top 10 Best Grills Reviews And Consumer Complaints ...
Detak Electric Barbecue Grill
Detak Electric Barbecue Grill
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