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Real World Economics: A topical day for a tropical economist 07/26/15, via Press

They illustrate how the price of labor relative to new capital items affects when a machine should be junked rather than overhauled. Few of these trucks would still be The government-owned electric utility does not invest enough in infrastructure

Corvallis Gazette Times

Grill up roasted flavors 07/22/15, via Corvallis Gazette Times

Then one Saturday, I decided to take the plunge. Their birds aren't cheap, you see. More along the lines of what I'd usually spend on a decent cut of beef. But the Sages claim that their special French Rangers are known for exceptional forage abilities

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Clean Cheap Heat

Clean Cheap Heat

Published by ABC-CLIO 1992

ISBN 9780275942045,027594204X
190 pages

This work traces the development of residential natural gas markets in the United States from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. It examines how social, economic, and technological factors interrelated to bring a relatively new energy source from obscurity to general acceptance by the population. The author credits the appearance of particular appliances which helped spawn natural gas use, notes legislative developments such as the Natural Gas Act of 1938 and the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, and shows the various effects of regulation and price changes on the market. The author also demonstrates the use of a general method for performing a regression analysis when the historical data are poorly measured. This study will be of interest to energy economists,...

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Real World Economics: A topical day for a tropical economist - Press

One assignment I give my micro-econ students is to log as many examples of economic phenomena in a day as they can. Here is my go at it for 24 hours of my vacation in the Dominican Republic. The capable and observant taxi driver I hired to make a 10-hour swing around the eastern third of the Dominican Republic never studied econ, but he understood what British economist David Ricardo taught some 200 years ago. Jouncing through a 40-mile long construction zone on the northeast coast, he observed: "This will really increase access for tourists. And that will increase property values here a lot. Observant ancient Romans probably noted the same about the Appian Way, but it wasn't until 1821 that Ricardo formally related the market value of an asset to the income it generates. Increase the price of grain with the Corn Laws, and British landlords see their estates appreciate. And ditto for landowners along pristine tropical beaches currently too remote for impatient U. S. and European tourists. A half mile from where I type this, a mangrove swamp is dying, cut off from vital tidal ebbs and flows by uncontrolled landfilling to construct an enormous chain resort. This is one of many "external costs" of tourism in poor countries. That this resort chain is based in Mexico is evidence of the growing importance of companies based in what some still call the "Third World. " So is the fact that the prime contractor on the road project was Odebrecht, one of Brazil's largest construction firms and one that has repeatedly eaten the lunch of U. S. contractors that used to dominate. All construction equipment here must be imported and the project buzzed with new Volvo loaders and backhoes and Scania dump trucks, these made in Brazil rather than Sweden, along with U. S-made skid steers. But a sub-contractor had dozens of Mack and Autocar trucks dating from the 1970s. They illustrate how the price of labor relative to new capital items affects when a machine should be junked rather than overhauled. Few of these trucks would still be running in high-wage countries. Nor would the 17 locomotives that haul over 3 million tons of cane a year to the large sugar mill at La Romana. These left Schenectady, N. Y. , when I was still in high school. But both trucks and engines can soldier on if enough highly skilled, but relatively cheap, mechanics are available. All the huge, sleek tourist buses buzzing around resort areas also are imported. I have not seen a single U. S. -made one, although fleets of old U. S. school buses, many made in Georgia and some with the U. S. school district names still visible, flood the roads at dawn and dusk, ferrying battalions of maids, waiters and... Development economists once talked of "dualized sectors" in poor countries, in which modern technology coexisted with primitive. On one side of the street where a large house is going up, do-ragged workers were mixing concrete by hand, not in a motorized mixer but by turning and re-turning a pile of sand, crushed rock and Portland cement with shovels. Across the street, a condo project has the concrete columns and beams common across the tropics. There is a huge pile of bags of polyethylene beads that we would use as pourable insulation. Puzzled, I ask a safety-hatted worker if and why they are installing insulation. "It is a German lightweight system," he explains. More important, it goes much faster, and it resists earthquakes up to 9 on the Richter scale. Most conventional construction falls at 7. ". We are 250 miles east of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, so I ask, "Are earthquakes really a danger here. "No, but the Europeans they sell these condos to think that there is. If you tell German buyers the building was constructed with a German proprietary system, it is a big advantage, especially since the Haiti quake. It may not be evident, but this incident encapsulated myriad economic ideas including those underlying at least three Nobel prizes. These include demand shifters, imperfect information, induced innovation, heuristics, behavioral economics and others. Leaving the modern shopping center (just down from Hard Rock Cafe, but before the Ikea), I saw a uniformed technician checking a big Caterpillar generator. I see others outside of banks and other large commercial buildings. Whichever way I turn, I can hear these big diesel generators.


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Grill-roasted meats right for summer heat - 07/28/15, via The Bulletin

The birds aren’t cheap, you see. More along the lines of what I’d usually ... and evenly — with succulently tender and juicy results. With my Traeger electric grill, it means simply turning down the thermostat. That night, with that wonderful Red ...

Grill up roasted flavors - 07/22/15, via Corvallis Gazette-Times

Their birds aren’t cheap, you see. More along the lines of what I’d usually ... and evenly — with succulently tender and juicy results. With my Traeger electric grill, it means simply turning down the thermostat. That night, with that wonderful ...

Make a Mini Power Sander Out of a Cheap Electric Toothbrush - 06/12/15, via Lifehacker

In this video, YouTuber kipkay explains how to build the mini power sander out of a cheap electric toothbrush that costs less than $5. All you have to do is cut off the toothbrush’s bristles, cut out a tiny piece of sandpaper, and attach it on the ...


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1970′s inventions that changed our way of life
1970′s inventions that changed our way of life
Technology, Fashion and Toys played an increasingly important part in people's lives in the 70s. Ceefax: 1974 Launched in 1974, Ceefax went live with 30 pages and was the first teletext service in the world. Started as an experiment for the deaf, Ceefax developed into an instant news, sports and information service for millions of armchair surfers. Colour Television Sets Introduced on BBC 2 for Wimbledon coverage on July 1, 1967. The launch of the BBC 2 "full" color service took place on December 2, 1967. Some British TV programs, however, had been produced in color even before the introduction of color television in 1967, for the purpose of sales to American, Canadian, and Filipino networks. BBC 1 and ITV started color transmissions November 15, 1969. The first colour sets became available in Britain in 1967, when BBC2 started broadcasting in colour. (Note BBC1 and ITV didn't go colour until 1969.) A typical 22" colour set would have cost £300 in 1967, or...
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1929 Packard Model 645 Dual Cowl Phaeton Grill
1929 Packard Model 645 Dual Cowl Phaeton Grill
The Briggs Manufacturing Company was tasked with building the Clipper bodies. This conclusion was made after the Briggs Manufacturing Company had stated and proven to the Packard Company that they could produce the bodies cheaper than Packard. Production of the bodies began and the price Briggs Manufacturing Company had quoted Packard proved to be too low, so the price was raised leaving Packard with the extra cost. It would have been cheaper for Packard to produce the bodies themselves.
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Cheap electric grill
Cheap electric grill
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Cheap electric bbq grill
Cheap electric bbq grill
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Cheap Electric Grill Thermostat
Cheap Electric Grill Thermostat
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