Here’s how to make Alexa control a toilet because why not

Alexa-controlled toilets are a thing in 2018 but cost thousands. An enterprising person can make their own by following these instructions. It takes a bit of work, multiple components and about $750 (plus the cost of the toilet) but the end result is a voice controlled toilet and everyone needs that in their life.

The trick is buying a bidet that has an IR remote and then using a Adafruit Wifi development board to trigger another device to flush the toilet. Easy!

Home voice control has long been considered the gold standard for home automation and Alexa and Google Home are making it easier than ever to make a personal Jarvis. It was just two years ago Mark Zuckerberg set a personal challenge to develop a AI system to control different part of his home and now it just takes a little hacking and coding for someone to do the same — but Zuck’s AI system has Morgan Freeman’s voice, which alone puts it on a different level from Alexa.

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