Romain-Jerome builds a Batman watch that tells you your time is up, bat

Watchmaker Romain-Jerome has announced a new Batman-themed watch that looks like something Bruce Wayne would wear to the club. The watch, which is based on R-J’s Skylab design, features a meticulous reproduction of a map of Gotham City cut into the rear sapphire glass and a glowing Bat Signal that lights up in the dark and/or in times of danger.

R-J is famous for making high-end watches with a pop culture slant. Their previous work, including Pokemon and Mario watches, melds a certain Swiss aesthetic with cute cartoons. The watches stand out because of the skeletonized movements and uniquely styled cases.

The watch is limited to 75 pieces and costs a $19,500 – not much dosh for Bruce Wayne but a pretty penny for the average collector. R-J makes other Batman themed watches including the DNA, a denser, more Dark-Knight-style timepiece.

Whether you’re Ra’s al Ghul or just want to be cool, this R-J timepiece will definitely turn that frown upside… down.

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