Tesla begins Supercharger network city expansion with Chicago and Boston

Tesla is ramping up its deployment of Supercharger stations across the U.S. and internationally as part of its commitment to addressing growing demand, especially in light of the Model 3 beginning production. Now, it’s moving to get Superchargers in more populated city centers, in addition to highway and travel destination spots outside of metropolitan areas.

Tesla revealed today that its work to bring the Supercharger network to city centers starts with locations in downtown Chicago and Boston that open Monday, and that these new Supercharger stations for urban areas have a new design that includes rapid charging with a dedicated 72 kW of power per vehicle — so that with multiple cars at the same station, there’s no downgrade in charging rates.

That should allow a full charge within 45 to 50 minutes on average, Tesla says. The new Supercharger stations also have new physical designs that allow them to take up less space, which is obviously better for tight-packed parking spots common for cities.

The new locations include 10 stalls in Chicago at 225 North Columbus Drive, and 8 stalls at 800 Boylston Street in Boston. The spots are updated in Tesla’s routing software, too, so you can find exactly where they are at these new addresses, and they’re open 24 hours a day, just like Tesla’s existing network.

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