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Masterclass Stainless Steel Saucepan Divider Baskets, Metallic, 20 Cm, Set Of 3

by Master Class
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If you've ever cooked a big family meal, you'll know it's a constant balancing act. Pots and pans everywhere; tricky timings to deal with; and just when you need it, you run out of space on the stovetop! Relax. These ingenious Master Class saucepan dividers help turn your kitchen into an oasis of calm and confidence. They divide your pan into three compartments, so you can cook multiple ingredients at the same time. A single pan does the job of three, so save lots of valuable hob space (as well as saving on washing up!).Approx. size; 20cm/8" diameter, individual basket measures 16cm/6.3" x 9.5cm/3.75"

Saucepan Triple Divider And Separator Set - Saves Energy and Space When Cooking. Three Part Professional 18cm Stainless Steel Strainer, Ideal For Vegetables, Potatoes, Mussels, Boiled Eggs And More.

by Taylor's Eye Witness
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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The divider is ideal for cooking all kinds of vegetables, clams, mussels or even hard boiled eggs! Simply lift the handle of the mesh basket and the water drains back into the saucepan. There is no need for splashing into a sink or using a colander.
  • PERFECTLY COOKED: Because each of the three sections can be easily placed or removed individually into or from the saucepan, it means that you can cook vegetables for different lengths of time without using multiple pans.
  • SAVES ENERGY: The saucepan dividers saves on the number of pans and energy required by letting you boil and steam different types of vegetables simultaneously.

Product description

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas which are the best! This saucepand divider set allows you to divide a 8" saucepan into three sections so that you can boil or heat 3 different types of food at the same time. Each section is easily removable so that you can get the timing just right, whatever it is that you're preparing. As you can drain straight into the saucepan, there's no need for a colander either!

Using these dividers means you use less space, less energy and have less washing up afterwards.

Fits in a 8" saucepan Boil or steam different foods simultaneously Saves energy and space Made from stainless steel Dishwasher safe

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The Blue Ribbon Country Cookbook

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Debra Hendry I totally disagree about not purchasing cast iron. That is the one thing you should always have in your arsenal. The biggest skillet that will fit your burner and stove (I accidentally gave one as a gift that was much larger than the cooking surface, but still does the job. I think he has he same size stove you have and he's in the UK. ). Where did you get the magnetic knife rack. jessicamclement i will have my first real kitchen since childhood in about 5 months. it's very funny because in paris (france) we normally have tiny kitchens, but it's quite rare to see 1) a microwave and 2) a dish washer (. although i do know people with both. ) unless you have an apartment graced with a big kitchen. congrats on the new kitchen :). Margaret Lukens Completely agree about the microwave -- for me, it is an appliance that doesn't provide enough benefit for the space it takes. A heavy pot and a spoon of olive oil makes popcorn, 1 or 2 gratin dishes in the toaster oven heat leftovers in 10-20 minutes, and who wants warmed-over coffee. Plus, my dishes have a gold band, so ix-nay on the microwave. First a food scoop for picking up chopped ingredients. It really makes the task much easier. There are many scoops on the market but few as well designed as the "Prep Taxi Food Scoop" by Chef's Planet. It sells for around $10. You might even consider getting two. My second suggestion is a good quality pepper mill. Freshly ground black pepper is way more aromatic and interesting than pre milled pepper you buy. So if you value the flavor that pepper imparts to the recipes you put it into, I suggest one of these. Unfortunately the really good pepper mills are expensive. And for the most versatility you want one where you can adjust the grind from fine to coarse. Many, if not most of them are designed for the dining table and so tend to be something of a showpiece which tends to drive the price up. But you want it to be functional and easy to use. I personally don't care much about esthetic design when it comes to pepper mills. Functionality is the primary concern for me. In addition you can get manual or electric (battery driven). If you are grinding a lot of pepper for a given recipe (which happens on occasion), the electric types help ease the labor needed. I have both manual and electric but I tend to prefer the manual. Perfex brand, which is made in France, is in my opinion, one of the best for durability and adjustability. Unfortunately its well over $90 for one mill, and if you buy a salt and pepper set its about double that. Oh, I should mention that Perfex comes in two sizes, a small and a large. You might be tempted to get the small and save some money, but I find it really is too small for practicality. Third and last, is a good colander. Metal are the most durable but plastic are almost as good. If you have a dishwasher you can only put the plastic type in the top rack but otherwise they are just as versatile and handy as the metal ones. There's nothing more exciting than your first kitchen. More than 30 years later I still cherish -- and use -- many of yhe tools I acquired for that first kitchen. My only comment is that if you plan to use this kitchen as well as and as regularly as I imagine you will, you might want to consider moving your cookbooks to another location. oldunc Brick is reasonably easy to drill. you need a masonry bit and a fairly powerful drill: a hammer drill or rotohammer makes it a breeze. You can then use the sort of plastic inserts used for attaching to drywall etc. (traditionally lead was used for brick), and attach the rack with regular screws of appropriate size. Provided you know someone with tools, or you might be able to snag a passing workman- any carpenter, electrician or plumber would certainly have the equipment. Jordan Ah Leslie, your place looks so good. Totally jealous as my tiny Boston studio doesn't even have room for an island that size. I make do with a smaller IKEA cart that also serves as my work space (it's only about 22"x16", so I hate when people complain that they lack counter space. Interested about where you got that pantry cart and those awesome lights. Both IKEA purchases as well. oldunc I'd probably have gone for a rolling pin (and a lot of other things) before the marble slab, though a wine bottle works fine.

Source: Food52

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