Kitchenware Saucepan Materials


Utopia Kitchen Saucepan - 2 Quarts - 18/10 Stainless Steel Handle - with Cover - 18 x 9 cm - Multipurpose Use for Home Kitchen or Restaurant (6-Pack)

by Utopia Kitchen
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  • Coated with multi-layer nonstick for ultra-durability; made using top rated material 3003 aluminum alloy, used for professional grade sauce pans
  • Spiral bottom can be used on all cooking surfaces except for induction cooker
  • Two layered nonstick interior is exceptionally durable, double quoted, and scratch resistant; sturdy heat resistant stainless steel handle creates a comfort grip that resists rust and dullness

Product description

Get the most value for your money with Top-Rated Professional Grade Cooking Equipment! Professional Nonstick Saucepan is made of professional-grade 3003 Aluminum Alloy. Its 2-Layer Nonstick interior is exceptionally durable, double quoted and scratch resistant. Its sturdy Stainless Steel Handle creates a comfort grip that resists rust and dullness.

Glass Lid

Spiral bottom ensures even cooking

PFOA, Lead and Cadmium free

Dishwasher safe

Care & Maintenance Instructions:

Wash the saucepan with hot soapy water and dry it completely with a soft cotton or linen towel before using it for the first time

In order to protect the non-stick coating, please use plastic or wooden utensils

Always let the saucepan cool before washing it

Unlike standard cookware, nonstick cookware performs better at slightly lower temperatures

Update International (SSP-2) 2 Qt Induction Ready Stainless Steel Sauce Pan w/Cover

by Update International
Price: $24.98 Buy Now

  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Comes with 2-quart capacity
  • Great for any number of culinary endeavors beyond sauces and stews

Product description

This sauce pan with cover is made of stainless steel material. Great for any number of culinary endeavors beyond sauces and stews. This sauce pan can be used for anything from boiling vegetables to making rice pilaf or mashed potatoes. This NSF-listed pan. Comes with 2-quart capacity. Measures 6-7/8-inch width by 4-inch height.

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Big Dreams Table Runner

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Source: FitzBirch Crafts

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Photograph of the Beka Cookware Ilano saucepan
Photograph of the Beka Cookware Ilano saucepan
It is the ability of the material to conduct heat. e.g. In a saucepan ...
It is the ability of the material to conduct heat. e.g. In a saucepan ...
Copper Saucepan
Copper Saucepan