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School lunch game plan 08/28/15, via Houston Chronicle (subscription)

You'll luck out if the weekly plan is "so good" that your child asks to keep it as a part of a rotation. Prepare Even if a child loves ham and cheese sandwiches or mac and cheese in a thermos, they probably won't love having it every day. And so

Why do school lunches have to be so hard? 08/28/15, via Mount Airy News

Move one to the freezer the night before, heat it in the morning and pour into a Thermos for a hot component. Most kids don't have a long time to eat at school so keep it simple. Lots of finger foods are usually a good idea; cherry tomatoes, baby

Thermos vs Stanley (the final chapter)

stanley thermos comparison. Well this is more like comparing apples to apples. Both the same size and both cost roughly the same.


Drug Trade Weekly

Drug Trade Weekly



School lunch game plan - Houston Chronicle (subscription)

The school year is under way and the anxieties that parents have leading up to the first day are finally abating. But for those who pack daily lunches for their kids, the grind of coming up with something nutritious and delicious – every. There are a few simple steps that can help alleviate the pressure parents face when packing a school lunch for their kids.

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'Misunderstood,' bats find allies in Boulder - 08/22/15, via Daily Camera

First, the good news: Bat populations in Boulder mountain parks are ... Perkins, for example, always went bat-watching with her father. Sometimes they'd bring a thermos of hot chocolate, or a sketchbook in which to draw the landscape.

Frugal or cheap? 43 tips to be either! - 08/28/15, via Delaware County News Network

While it's good to save a few bucks here and there ... 8) I still brew my own coffee in the morning, making enough to take a thermos to work. 9) I periodically visit the groundskeepers at local cemeteries to get some new bulbs for my yard after the ...

Why do school lunches have to be so hard? - 08/28/15, via Mount Airy News

Move one to the freezer the night before, heat it in the morning and pour into a Thermos for a hot component. Most kids don’t have a long time to eat at school so keep it simple. Lots of finger foods are usually a good idea; cherry tomatoes, baby carrots ...


  1. Best Thermal Containers - Thermos Containers for Kids The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested thermos containers to find the best ones to send your kids to school with.
  2. What Makes A Good Thermos? - The Boat Galley — getting ... A good Thermos is invaluable on a boat — whether for having a cup of coffee in the middle of a cold watch, keeping water hot for use later in the day or actually ...
  3. Thermos L.L.C. - Official Site Thermos: hotter, cooler, fresher thinking since 1904. Thermos creates insulated food and beverage containers, bottles, mugs, cups, jars, hard and soft coolers, and ...
Sunday morning pleasures
Sunday morning pleasures
and more pleasures....Happy Talk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've sent an invitation to Jeanne to join me this Sunday. She goes for wonderful walks, and always makes very special tea. I'm hoping that today we can go on a little adventure together. It's a nice cool day - good for walking. Time to get our boots on :^) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TTV from david_cory and Kat... With many thanks to the above.
Photo by The hills are alive* on Flickr
It's Friday ~ Are You Feelin' the Love?
It's Friday ~ Are You Feelin' the Love?
Friday is here. What a good feeling! It kinda took me by surprise. I busted my ass at the mine this week. Rockin' and rollin' and makin' deals all day long. Busy busy busy! Yesterday I gave someone a price for $19,000 when it shouldda been $38,000. Oooooops. Good thing I was able to fix that. I'm feelin' really good today. I hope you're feelin' that way too. Feelin' the love. The first snow fell this morning. I woke up to see the white fluffy stuff coverin' everything. It's always the most beautiful snow of the year. This weekend's gonna be cool. Me and the little 'Minders are goin' out to cut down our 'winter tree.' Mostly we use it to celebrate Christmas... but since I'll prolly leave it up 'till February... I've decided that it's the 'winter tree.' I gotta give the little 'Minder's lists to Santa... do some Christmas shopping. It's all good. And it just keeps getting better. I love the holidays. I hope you're diggin' it too. We should make some...
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Taken in a strawberry field. Nothing quite like a good cup of tea.
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Life Is Good Thermos
Life Is Good Thermos
In Need A GOOD Coffee Thermos. No Joke
In Need A GOOD Coffee Thermos. No Joke
Read: Tim Horton’s price hike brewing
Read: Tim Horton’s price hike brewing
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