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Elon Musk says nuking Mars is the quickest way to make it livable 09/10/15, via CNET

On a planetary scale, thermo-nuclear weapons are like those minute, shallow burps that someone sitting next to you doesn't notice. Sounds impressive, but to make Mar's core isn't spinning and heating it up doesn't change that. Any atmosphere who

Ingersoll Rand Selected for the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability World and North ... 09/10/15, via MarketWatch

to be recognized on the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indices as it reflects our efforts to increase transparency and promote responsible business practices,” said Gary Michel, senior vice president and president of Residential

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems by TerraSource Geothermal

According to the EPA, TERRASource geothermal systems can save 40 percent to 70 percent on home-heating and 30 percent to 50 percent on home-cooling .


The Safety Car Heating and Lighting Company Thermo Jet System of Car Heating


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3.5x2 - zazzle_businesscard
CUSTOMIZABLE Heating & Cooling Thermo Business Card

zazzle_businesscard by BigCity212

CUSTOMIZABLE Heating & Cooling Business Card. Just add in your information before ordering. You can always click the "CUSTOMIZE IT" button for even more options! Change fonts, font color, move stuff around & even add more text.


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heat 11 and Autometers Energitec cooperate in India - 08/18/15, via

(Bielefeld/Noida) heat 11 GmbH & Co. KG has been working together with Autometers Energitec Ltd. in India since June 2015. Autometers Energitec takes over the sales and the service of thermo oil plants, thermal oil heaters and plants for heat recovery and ...

Milacron (MCRN) Launches New Adaptive Process System - 09/09/15, via ZACKS

Other highlights of the system are short circuit protection, auto even heat to ensure proper thermo expansion, auto softstart and continuous GND fault detection. It also features auto-TC slave, auto-purge, intelligence leak detection, auto alarm with water ...

Webasto’s aftermarket HVAC now available for Ram - 09/09/15, via Fleet Owner

Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America said it has a wide range of ... However, according to the company, the London takes it one step further, offering the additional heating function, making it a fully integrated aftermarket HVAC system for medium ...


  1. thermo Heating Elements, LLC Home. thermo Heating Elements LLC has been manufacturing high quality flexible heating elements for over 30 years. Many of our flexible heating element technologies ...
  2. THERMO HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING CO. INC. THERMO HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING CO. INC. & THERMO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS INC. 3995 Oneida St. New Hartford, NY 13413 Phone: (315)-737-7361 Fax: (315)-737-1228
  3. Contact thermo Heating Elements - Thermo LLC Customized ... United States. thermo Heating Elements LLC 273 Langston Road Piedmont, South Carolina 29673 (P) 864.295.4811 (F) 864.295.4899
Warm & Cool, François Hurtaud, France
Warm & Cool, François Hurtaud, France
The WarmNCool is designed for the convenient storing and heating of food. Divided in to two sections, the bottom container of the WarmNCool works just like a fridge by keeping left overs from dinner cool in an airtight. Simultaneously, the top section stores the heat generated from the thermo-reaction of the refrigeration system. Next day, when you want to eat your leftover food, the containers are switched and the thermo-electric batteries act like a microwave that then heats the food as required. WarnNCool comes in several different colors and is of a size and weight that makes it easily transportable from home to the office and beyond.
Photo by Electrolux Design Lab on Flickr
Thermo CD
Thermo CD
The new NiN CD has a special paint on top that changes the color if heat is applied
Photo by gullevek on Flickr
Keep The Heat On
Keep The Heat On
Photo by sergei.tereschenko on Flickr
Thermo Heating Mat for Magic Mushrooms Growkits
Thermo Heating Mat for Magic Mushrooms Growkits
thermo Heating Elements, LLC
thermo Heating Elements, LLC
Thermo Scientific Heating block 20 mm tubes 8 openings (Representative ...
Thermo Scientific Heating block 20 mm tubes 8 openings (Representative ...
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