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Penske Automotive Group 06/04/15, via Fortune

Huntersville, Indianaoplis, Indianapolis, Inver Grove Heights, Irvine, Irving, Islandia, Issaquah, Itasca, Jackson, Jacksonville, Johnston, Juno Beach, Kalamazoo, Kansas City, Kenilworth, Kenosha, King of Prussia, Kingsport, Kingwood, Knoxville

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Fuel efficiency, driver retention efforts pay off for Central Trucking Inc. 10/29/14, via Fleet Equipment Magazine

Along with team service with third day delivery to and from the west coast, we have a slip seat setup through four facilities located about nine hours apart along the 1-40 corridor in Columbus, and at satellite terminals in Springfield, Mo., Amarillo

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6500 hours ready for install in Springfield Missouri.


South Western Reporter. Second Series

South Western Reporter. Second Series



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Fuel efficiency, driver retention efforts pay off for Central Trucking Inc. - Fleet Equipment Magazine

Among the goals that Mark Roberts, president of CTI Logistics Inc. “Hanging on to good drivers and generating the best possible fuel consumption are ongoing challenges,” he states. (CTI), a refrigerated carrier, are run by Mark Roberts and his brother Keith Roberts II. Founded in 1974 by their father Keith K. Roberts, CTI services a variety of shippers from points in the east and Midwest to the west coast. A typical trip for the fleet consists of taking dry commodities west and hauling fruits and vegetables from California, Arizona and Nevada on the return trip. “Recruiting and training new drivers is a large expense,” Roberts says, “so retaining good drivers can effectively reduce some of our costs. What we’ve put in place to help attract and retain drivers is a Pony Express-style operation. Along with team service with third day delivery to and from the west coast, we have a slip seat setup through four facilities located about nine hours apart along the 1-40 corridor in Columbus, and at satellite terminals in Springfield, Mo. ,... The four terminal relay system with equipment domiciled at each facility, Roberts explains, allows the fleet’s 380 drivers to run nine hours, take a 10-hour rest break and return home on another nine hour trip. “Driver culture was changing,” he says, “and we saw that it was getting harder to find drivers who wanted to be on the road for weeks. It also eliminates hours-of-service issues, improves customer service, enhances safety by putting a fresh driver behind the wheel all the time and has brought our turnover rate down. Retention tool Roberts also sees late model equipment as an effective driver retention tool. The CTI fleet consists of 220 Kenworth tractors , including T660 units and 20 new T680s, and 255 Wabash National refrigerated trailers with Carrier refrigeration units. “The slip seat operation puts about 200,000 miles per year on each tractor,” he says. “Our tractors and trailers are routinely traded after two or three years of service, so we never have any vehicles with 500,000 miles on them. Not only does that keep drivers happier, it also means that our 75 technicians at shops in Columbus, Springfield and Kingman can focus on preventive maintenance and minor repairs, eliminating hassles for drivers and keeping costs in check. CTI has also made significant gains in improving fuel efficiency. “Five years ago, we were averaging 5. 3 MPG,” Roberts states. “Today, our fleet average is in the high 7 MPG range and some units are getting more than 8 MPG. We attribute that to doing our homework about vehicles and fuel saving specs, including talking to other fleets to learn from their experiences. Along with switching from long nose conventionals to more fuel efficient tractor models, Robert relates that CTI changed its specs from 485-HP Cummins engines to 450-HP models with the manufacturer’s Smart Torque solution, a system that minimizes... Additionally, the fleet lowered maximum road speed on its tractors to 62 MPH by the pedal and 65 MPH when cruise control is in use. Side by side “In 2009, we did a side-by-side comparison using 12 trucks with manual transmissions and 12 with Eaton UltraShift PLUS LAS automated gearboxes,” Roberts relates. “The result was a one-half mile per gallon fuel efficiency gain, which is very significant when you take into account the number of miles we cover over the course of a year. We were one of the original fleets to try UltraShift PLUS transmissions and we’ve stayed with them ever since. As of our last truck order, the entire fleet is now equipped with the UltraShift PLUS. “Eaton UltraShift PLUS Linehaul Active Shifting (LAS) automated transmissions are built on the manufacturer’s Fuller 10-speed manual transmission platform. The UltraShift PLUS transmission uses an electronic clutch actuator for faster and smoother shifts that save fuel, Roberts notes, and at idle the clutch is fully engaged to give drivers more control in tight spaces. Just as significant to Roberts is the way CTI drivers have taken to the automated.


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D&D Sexton turns heads in industry - 12/13/12, via Carthage Press

Thermo King, Springfield, Mo., is a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, recognized D&D Sexton Inc., for its commitment to energy and operational efficiency and ...

To Film on Deadline - 04/19/10, via

Peek into some super-quick filmmaking, as Matt Darst directs his team’s SATO 48 submission. Darst, 25, works at Thermo King of Springfield but makes films when he’s not at his 9-to-5. At press time, he was feverishly creating “One Way Ticket,” for ...

Local businessmen acquire Thermo King dealerships - 01/20/09, via Springfield Business Journal

purchased the transport temperature-control system dealerships for an undisclosed amount from Thermo King of Springfield Inc. - a company registered to James Hershel Demore of Springfield, according to records on file with the Missouri Secretary of State's ...


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  2. Thermo King - Official Site Produces temperature and climate control products for the transportation industry.
  3. Thermo King of Springfield Benefits of THermo king Springfield. Convenience By combining all Thermo King invoices into one monthly statement we eliminate the hassle of reconciling multiple ...
2006 T300 with Reefer
2006 T300 with Reefer
24’ Multi Temp Refrigerated Event Trailer
24’ Multi Temp Refrigerated Event Trailer