Kitchenware Thermo Pond Heater


K&H Thermo-Pond Floating Pond De-Icer 3.0

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Product description

For ponds 300-1000 gallons. Extended heat duration to create larger hole. Will not harm or burn pond liners. One year warranty. . . Unique patented design uses 12 to 15 times less energy than converted stock tank heaters

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer Black 750W

by K&H Pet
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  • K&H manufacturing pond De-icer is safe in all ponds and will not harm pond liners
  • 2-year warranty; 750-watt
  • Perfect climate pond De-icer can be used as a floating de-icer out of the box or, converts to a submersible de-icer with the click of a button

Product description

The new Perfect Climate line from K&H Manufacturing has reinvented the wheel when it comes to keeping ice free water available in winter ponds. Every K&H de-icer is safe in all ponds, unlike many of the other de-icers available in the market today. Every one of our de-icers can be used as a floating de-icer out of the box or in seconds converts to a submersible de-icer with the click of a button. In the past, all that was readily available were energy gulping 1000 watt to 1500 watt de-icers; pond owners had no choice but to purchase these expensive to run de-icers, even when they didn't need it. We've solved this problem by creating a whole line of de-icers along with a convenient zone chart for consumers to choose the correct de-icer, every time. When it comes to ice free ponds, K&H Perfect Climate is the choice that makes cents. Do not allow the heating element to be exposed to the air when plugged in. The heating element must always be fully

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Effort to recycle cigarette butts and get them off the streets comes to ... 06/22/15, via LancasterOnline

A new cigarette butt recycling receptacle outside a Turkey Hill Minit Market on Columbia Avenue. prev. next. Are you disgusted by the mats of cigarette butts that gather on sidewalks, street curbs and roadways? Are you a smoker that feels slightly

Large-scale identification of encystment-related proteins and genes in ... 06/16/15, via

The transformation of a ciliate into cyst is an advance strategy against an adverse situation. However, the molecular mechanism for the encystation of free-living ciliates is poorly understood. A large-scale identification of the encystment-related

Rittenhouse Thermo-Pond Heater 3.0

http://www. rittenhouse. ca Keep your outdoor pond heated for the winter protecting your fish and aquatic plant life.


Constructional Reorganization

Constructional Reorganization

Published by John Benjamins Publishing 2008

ISBN 9789027291653,9027291659
155 pages

The present volume consists of several novel and different applications of the Construction Grammar framework to areas such as language change, variation, and the internal organization of grammar. The book is a collection of articles which bring together the framework of Construction Grammar and the constantly changing language system. Thereby, two main questions are addressed which are of paramount interest to linguists working with the notion of grammatical construction: Where do constructions come from? And, how are the grammatical constructions in a given language organized to form the coherent whole which we refer to as “grammar”? The book connects the latest developments in grammatical theory and Construction Grammar with empirical findings and data, language-specific research...

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Effort to recycle cigarette butts and get them off the streets comes to ... - LancasterOnline

An experimental effort involving Turkey Hill Minit Markets, the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and national recycling company TerraCycle is trying to turn cigarette butts into plastic pallets and compost, rather than unsightly waste. Paul Lang, a 39-year-old smoker from Lancaster, exited the Turkey Hill Minit Market on Columbia Avenue last week with a couple packs of cigarettes. He brushed right by the six-sided butt recycling container and its promise to “Transform Cigarette Litter. “Oh, I thought is was a recycling bin,” said Lang after the container was pointed out by a reporter. “Now that I know, I will use it. ”. So will Tom Anderson, 58, a smoker from Manchester, York County. Throwing out cigarette butts is littering. Certainly, discarding cigarette butts has been a pervasive littering and environmental problem for decades. Contrary to popular belief, cigarettes are not all natural and biodegradable. The butt end, or filters, are 95 percent cellulose acetate, a form of plastic that can persist long in the environment. Some 32 percent of litter that clogs storm drains is tobacco products. Not to mention the grossness of gobs of soggy butts. In parks, the sight of cigarette butts can ruin the natural experience. A study by Keep America Beautiful found that 65 percent of all cigarette butts are disposed of improperly — that is, tossed. All this even though smoking has declined by 28 percent in the United States, automobiles no longer have cigarette lighters and some municipalities have passed ordinances that punish discarding cigarette butts as littering. In Tennessee and South Carolina, there are state laws against throwing your cigarette outside. In Tennessee, if a cop sees you fling a butt, it’s a $50 fine. No one could figure out a workable method to recycle tobacco products into something useful until New Jersey-based TerraCycle found a way. The paper and leftover tobacco from collected cigarettes are manually removed and composted. The Cigarette Waste Brigade program reached Lancaster County about a month ago when Conestoga-based Turkey Hill Minit Markets agreed to allow butt recycling collection at 80 percent of its Pennsylvania stores. There are 260 stores in Pennsylvania and 58 in Lancaster County. The collection program is run by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. , a Santa Fe-based cigarette company now owned by tobacco giant Reynolds American. Santa Fe has long marketed itself as the maker of cigarettes with no additives and a “green” way of manufacturing them. Since it launched its Cigarette Waste Brigade in 2012, some 30 million cigarettes have been collected and recycled nationally. For each pound of cigarettes collected, Santa Fe donates $1 to the Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. The test with Turkey Hill is an attempt to reach more adult smokers, said Santa Fe spokesman Seth Moskowitz. “This is not about us trying to market cigarettes,” Moskowitz said. “It’s about us taking responsibility and trying to responsibly dispose of the end product. In addition to cigarette smokers taking advantage of the recycling program, “there are a lot of people across the country picking up cigarette litter where they find it and sending it in (to TerraCycle),” he said. Here’s how the program works at Turkey Hill Minit Market stores: In about half the stores, you can pick up plastic, sealable cigarette butt pouches at cash registers inside the stores. The pouches hold up to about 20 butts. When full, deposit them in the green and gray recycling bins beside the store entrance. In other Turkey Hill Minit Markets, you can take home post-paid recycling waste pouches to send the butts through the mail directly to TerraCycle. Kim Hertzog, advertising and public relations manager at Turkey Hill Minit Markets, did not return repeated calls for comment. The program gets a hearty thumbs up from Lancaster city officials. “Cigarette butts contribute to littering of city streets and sidewalks. Any effort that promotes proper disposal and changes in personal behavior will improve our environment and streams,” said Tim Breneisen, the city’s recycling and solid waste manager. The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority commended Turkey Hill Minit Markets for their involvement.


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ThermoLift heat pump gets $1.5M in funding - 03/28/13, via Newsday

ThermoLift Inc., based in the Stony Brook Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center, is refining the technology for a natural-gas-powered heat pump with the goal of sharply cutting... Content Preview This content is exclusive for Newsday digital ...


  1. Pond Heaters Thermo Pond Heater floats on top of the water and is thermostatically controlled to never get hot. This pond heater will never burn a pond liner or plastic pond.
  2. : K&H 8001 Thermo-Pond 3.0 Floating Pond 100 ... : K&H 8001 Thermo-Pond 3.0 Floating Pond 100-Watt De-Icer : Pond Heater : Patio, Lawn & Garden
  3. Pond Heater Pond De-Icer Thermo-Pond 3.0, ... Pond Heater Pond De-Icer Thermo-Pond 3.0,, Pond, Fountain & Water Garden Supplies
Home :: Thermo-Pond Pond Heater
Home :: Thermo-Pond Pond Heater
Thermo-Pond™ 100 Watt Pond Heater
Thermo-Pond™ 100 Watt Pond Heater
thermo pond heater 100w the thermo pond heater is a must have for the ...
thermo pond heater 100w the thermo pond heater is a must have for the ...

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