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Amazon finally launches in Australia

Amazon has made its way Down Under complete with new products (and the promise of speedy shipping). Here’s what it means for you. We put ‘Elon’s Musk’ to …

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  1. From what I've seen it's just a joke! The prices are anywhere from 50% to 100% higher than we can buy from just about any other retail outlet. I could probably still buy any electronic item from Amazon US and have it shipped to Austrlaia for much cheaper, but now they won't let me buy it from the US. So much for all the hype about challenging the retail market in Australia. Don't worry, existing jobs will be safe.

  2. Amazon Australia is disappointing. Costco was disappointing. Aldi is disappointing. Kaufman is disappointing. Aldi hardly ever has anyone in it now compared to when it first started same as Costco. I guess you can't keep prices artificially low indefinitely and the quality is pretty terrible.

  3. Already used Amazon in Europe. Useful to send gifts to EU from OZ.
    Years of using fleabay alibaba taobao(ali also) etsy et al Amazon is just another web page.
    Looks like the EU registration also works for OZ , at least it accepts the login and shows the correct billing/shipping information.
    I see nothing tempting enough at the moment to try it with.
    Doubtless they will have some deals , and it may get better, and they will probably fix the broken search,
    but comparing a few samples, 12V SLA battery, motherboards, mice, keyboards, headphones , pet products, I can get them locally for similar or less.
    Other online sources 1/2-2/3 in most cases.
    I suspect without a large advertising campaign , which this is part of, and some significant price and delivery differences they will be battling to attract people who are already online purchasers rather than attracting people to online. Most who would have been there for years.
    They have their data but from those I know the greatest online purchasers are my dad and his friends. At 88 spending a several hundred a month online is more entertainment than any concern for savings.

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