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Apple could be working on a foldable iPhone (Apple Byte)

Apple fixes the root security bug, it just patented a foldable smartphone, and the iMac could use the True Depth camera for gesture control. Watch more from …

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  1. Why do guys always feel like it is necessary to comment on things not 100% aimed at them? The Apple commercial is not aimed at your demographic bro. It’s aimed at pre-teens.

    And Apple did a really good job at showing how a kid interested in bugs and surrounded by friends at times would use the iPad. So yeah, the character would use it in a tree and take a picture of the bug and use it in various places outside. It is an awesome quirky commercial and I applaud Apple for continuing to think outside of the box…at least with their commercials.

  2. what the hell is the point of a foldable display. I thought we were over flip phones when iPhone was introduced. But whatever, let’s see what Apple is going to do. I have faith in them.

  3. Hahah you say it’s not serious but you harp on it all the time on here and on Extra Crunchy and Twitter. You’re really bothered by the notch, don’t back track and say “we’re just messing with you”. Don’t be flip floppin BT! Own it 👌

  4. What's the big deal about the notch..? Even essential phones has one, Google pixel XL 2 have big bezels on top and bottom that doesn't bother you but iPhone X notch stuck you? I think you have not got any payment from Apple like you get from Google and otherd

  5. I have to disagree with Brian, I think that Apple ad with the girl is one of the best ads Apple has done in years. I have cousins that would say exactly what that girl said. Kids today see their phones and their tablets as a pc.

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