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Apple earnings surprise critics (CNET News)

Despite rumors of a slowdown in iPhone sales, Apple’s earnings report revealed record profits for the company. Read about it on CNET: …

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  1. Of course, we know (at least some not so stupid tech enthusiasts) that iPhone X is doing great. It's just some stupid baseless shit spread by the competitors to bring down the interest in Apple stocks and their flagship products. I live in India and there are a boatload of iPhone X s. India is one of the countries,where the iPhone X is most expensive. It's MRP is somewhere in between 1,09,000-1,10,000 rupees and people have no issues on spending that kind of money. Then how come the sales are lack lustre? No one's going to bring down Apple with these fake rumors. If there's anyone or anything that's capable of bring down Apple, then that someone or something has to be Apple itself.

  2. I was just at a town meeting and I couldn’t believe that everyone around me had an iPhone X. I was seeing notches everywhere! I was thinking that the rumours of bad sales couldn’t be as bad as they were saying.

  3. I'm not a fan of Apple anymore, I'm just so sick of them screwing their customers over. Even the MacBook's are so damn expensive now, even more so than before. It's not really about not having the money, it's about the justification, would you justify spending that much for what you're getting? The answer is no for me.

    They also screwed over their creative professionals, and they have the audacity to compare an iPad Pro to laptops inadvertently saying laptops are no longer needed. I'm glad Microsoft is making the positive changes for once, they're finally releasing some amazing stuff, I'd gladly opt for a Surface Pro/Book/Laptop over any Mac today.

    I know a lot of Mac people wanting to switch because of Apples releases these past couple years, they only stay for Final Cut. To be honest I'd just try and learn Adobe Premiere or something similar on the Windows side than to continue to invest on the company.

    I mean for gods sake they sell MacBook Air's at $1000+ and they still use TN panels with low resolution. TN panels are pure garbage, probably cost less then $50 to produce, especially at those 1366×768 or 1440×900 resolutions.

  4. Well the guy in Vodafone took about 50 minutes getting his new iPhone 10 that includes the 10 *ing minutes it took him to pick out a case for it…

    while I waited to see if my phone had been repaired after 3 weeks , I have a new one after 31 days only because the original phone got returned with no fault found -even though 1 minute after starting it up the boot loop problem started again so…

    (which turns out is a massive know fault which they pretended was I’ve never seen that before…)…ask for the regional manager and complain to him that gets it sorted in a few hours.

  5. There's more to it then raw profit. The iPhone X sold more in that quarter, but that doesn't mean that it was successful (as predicted – which is surely how they would judge is success). Plus revenue would rise regardless of a decline in sales over last year (not saying it did but I have yet to see exact figures) because it's offset by the rise in prices. And this can be said for more than just their phones.

  6. Funny that tech youtubers and tech companies lie to us about Apple to start a debate and to grow hate against Apple. You never hear those kind of rumors about android phones, mostly because nobody cares.


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