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Apple fixes the iPhone’s iOS “i” bug with iOS 11.1.1 (Apple Byte)

iPhone X is rated the best camera for photos and the best screen ever for a smartphone. The 2018 iPad Pro is getting the iPhone X’s Face ID. Plus, Animoji …

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  1. Apples riding a wave of cash on Steve's hard work, attention to detail, common sense approach to tec, and legacy, but they don't have much time left. With current quality standards I say they have 5 years max before the ride is over and fortunes seriously turn.

  2. Really wanna see an iPad Pro with OLED! It needs to happen! Also if the Apple Pencil could charge from just contact with the screen that would be really cool, maybe using Qi wireless charging in a really different innovative way. That’s what I️ wanna see for hardware.

  3. Omg!! Bryan Tong!! So nice to see you are still making videos for C|NET. I used to watch videos and follow podcasts like Buss Out Loud until CNET screwed everything up and people started leaving it. They stopped all the podcasts and cancelled all the good shows. I don’t even use CNET for reviews anymore. But hey you are still here!!! So nice. I will look up what Molly Wood is doing right now.

  4. I was planning on buying iPad pro 12.9 second generation but if the next model has a bigger screen and they release new pencil then I'm gonna wait for that. 🙂 As for the iPhone X prices, in Finland the 64GB model is 1178,9€ the 256GB model is 1348,90€.

  5. Lol ios fans laugh at Android and their slow updates but we don't have these kinds of problems to need an update every week 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Edit: Animojis are still dumb…

  6. like you said last episode, Samsung is just jelly that they don't have long ass lines when they come out with a new phone. Anytime apple comes out with anything there are always long lines outside their stores

  7. Apple: hey Samsung that display of yours looks sick bro can I put it in my phone

    Samsung: no problem bro how much you giving me.

    Apple: don't worry about that we have some sheep's to fund it so you will be more rich. . .

    Samsung: OK in that case I'll get 110 dollars for display. . .

    Apple: sure bro done deal

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