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Apple HomePod issues we want fixed now (CNET Top 5)

Apple’s speaker sounds great, but it could be better with some tweaks. Subscribe to CNET: Check out our playlists: Download the new CNET app:…

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  1. Hahah!!
    No 3.5mm for stereo sound!
    Locked Bluetooth!
    Locked to Iphone!

    Why the fukk does Apple go out of their way to limit their product use to Apple tech only? Its getting beyond stupid their incompatability

  2. Pick up a homepod ? no way, first it's too expensive and then we have speakers that do much more and I'm saying this as an apple fanboy. So until apple fix the homepod with the much needed updates to make it more smarter than how it is right now, then my answer on buying on will allways be hell no !

  3. HomePod sucks, ask someone used Alexa and Google home because seriously smart speaker is more than a speaker which only plays Apple music

    Alexa= full of things
    Google assistant= big with it's contents
    HomePod= just a Bluetooth speaker (for Apple music)

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