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Apple HomePod Q&A with Megan Wollerton

Megan answers some viewer questions about the $349 Apple Homepod. Apple HomePod review – Subscribe to CNET: Watch more CNET videos:…

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  1. $349 is not much for me on a speaker, I do care about sound quality, a good sounding speaker can cost much more than that price(personally I never heard the HomePod so I can't tell is it really sound that good as the reviewer said), I am iOS user also and heavily playing music games on my iPhone, I also subscribed Apple Music, I was very interesting with this speaker until the specs finally been released…

    The HomePod(hardware build in Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi connections) which isn't working with Bluetooth audio and the WiFi only working on AirPlay, that means most of the games aren't working with that… Of cause it doesn't come with Aux input because it is Apple, means gaming on this speaker is not possible even on iOS devices.

    Some reviews do tell the Siri on this thing is much more stupid than it's on the iPhone, like anyone can ask it to read and send message on your phone… I never use Siri and keep it disabled all the time so it is fine for me but maybe some ppl do care since security is concern with that.

    At the end HomePod(or I should call it NoPod) able and should do much more than that base on it's hardware but the way Apple did on this product is really disappointed for me, I just can't purchase an Apple speaker which is been heavily restricted even on iOS devices…

  2. I!m guessing that the homepod needs to be always plugged into a power source all the time. If that is the case, why are you (and a lit of others) calling it a wireless speaker? If it is constantly plugged in via a wire, then it is not wireless.

  3. Hi I have a question. It’s really weird that I can play music on my HomePod but if I let the HomePod turns off my light it says that there is no connection. And the HomePod shows on my home app no response. Do u know what should I do? I already reset it twice but I didn’t work.

  4. Don't forget how limited the Echo and Google Home were when they first launched. The HomePod will get a hell of a lot better with the next software update. You know Google's scared right now as come Monday this will have outsold the Google Home Max. 😂💯

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