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Apple iPhone sales experience a rare drop (CNET News)

But Apple still sold a lot of phones, thanks to new models like the iPhone X. Apple iPhone sales miss, but profit still breaks record anyway:…

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  1. Apples planed obsolescence is not working anymore therefore there sales drop because people realize that the I phones use 3 year old tech and is easily beat by every other phone even budget Android phones. The 2gb of ram in a 1000$ phone? What is apple thinking.

  2. iPhone X is way too overpriced. It’s literally the same cost as the 2017 MacBook Air. If I were to spend $1000 on an Apple product, I would buy the MacBook Air bc you can literally do that much more in macOS compared to plain iOS.

  3. Who even buys a new iPhone every year? Consumers have become more aware of prices and prefer keeping their phones for much longer. A two year old flagship can still run essential apps without any hesitation 🤔🤔

  4. The drop is because the iphone is the same thing every year. No innovation like there used to be. If you keep doing the same thing with slightly better components, what do you expect? Even your dumb customers will eventually relise.

  5. The reason it drop is because they had too many phones available. People were expecting what Samsung did,more display. If they skip the 8 and introduce just the x and a smaller a little less powerful x then more people would've bought it.

  6. I would hardly say the base price of an iPhone the fourth quarter of 2017 was $1,000. The iPhone X is not a base model iPhone. I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now.

    You're comparing apples to oranges. You're talking about the sales numbers of the three new phones compared to the sales numbers of two new phones from last year and blaming it on one of the new phones that came out this year. That makes no sense. Thumbs down!

  7. Apple should give the customers the option to change the software… is bullshit that representatives of the company say they are looking out for the customers that's a lot of crap… they should just perfect the softwares on their cells and make them better wait at least two years before they start changing the models and improve the cell itself… but they will not do any of it due to the agreement Apple and Samsung have under the table on screwing the consumer by making them to buy a new cell Avery year… and is sad that people don't put a stop to it…

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