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Apple iPhone X: 3 months later (Apple Byte)

Brian Tong tells you whether Face ID on the iPhone X still performs well after three months of use as well as the features he loves, just likes and the one he doesn’t use. Apple iPhone X review…

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  1. What I don’t understand is people that say Face ID has a high failure rate.
    I’ve had this phone since launch day and I have not had any problem with that unlocking ever I do not realize that my phone is locked at all.
    I don’t sit at a desk all day that might be my problem and I wear a belt clip on my side and whenever I pull my phone out it is automatically unlocked no questions asked.
    Same with Apple Pay I pull my phone out put it to the register and it pays instantly you never have to move your finger to the touch ID sensor you never have to reposition your hand whatsoever.
    Also with iOS 11 autofill function whenever I log into a app or website I never have to reposition my hand and touch the fingerprint sensor or anything of that sort.
    I would highly suggest re-scanning your face if you have a problem I grew long hair and a beard cut my hair shave my beard wear sunglasses and it still works perfectly.
    So good luck with it
    I love mine and I will never by another phone unless it has Face ID

  2. Anyone complains about Face ID are either lazy or stuck with old tech. Face ID works great in any condition. Bright outdoors or pitch black.

    Go back to iPhone 8 if it bothers u. So much

    The notch is no big deal. Looks fine to me. Hands down best phone today. Before anyone says anything I had note 8 and got rid of it.

  3. I knew it, Face ID isnt practical, I unlock my phone from the side or on the table, and that is why finger sensor is way better.
    Great true review, not a spec video like others.

  4. I love my iPhone X wouldn’t go back to my 8 plus for nothing lol, Only 2 things gs i hate about this phone is its smaller than my 8 plus & battery on my iPhone X dies fast ! Other than that i Love the phone. Cant wait to get the iPhone X Plus or whatever Apple’s going to call it. Bigger screen and better battery 🤗

  5. sucking up to apple. how come nobody says it straight that iPhone X is a disaster, but keep saying it will get better with time.
    when apple makes a bad phone, its not bad its just baking up to be a good phone, what a joke. messed up phone with a price tag even more ridiculous.

  6. Right I think he's getting pay to continue to promote that piece of crap regardless ,he has the nerve to said that the piece of is like buying a beta phone, Cnet should get rid of his ass for being objective with his Apple fans like him

  7. I think the iPhone X sacrifices too much simply to have a screen with rounded corners. I never had a problem with my fingerprint sensor, never wished my home button could go away, never wished my screen had rounded corners, and never wished I could sub out my headphone jack with a tiny wire that gets lost all the time and people love to steal.

  8. I don’t understand why people don’t like Brian’s constructive criticism. The next generations will only improve if someone calls out shortcomings. Clearly he likes Apple as he spent his money on it. Seriously people are weird this is his job

  9. I luv FID it is super responsive, works extremely well on POS and online purchases, very rarely have issues with the recognition piece, maybe int he morning on my pillow but thats it dude… for some reason you need to bag on FID or maybe you just really is  the user..  hmm have you ever thought about that??   Open yourself up to a different perspective…

  10. Face unlock was a horrible idea. He home button did not have to go away. The phone is stupid my 7plus 128 is the last great iPhone not to mention they took away the 128gig model. And the notch is ugly

  11. I agree with the notch, although Face ID does not bother me as much and I do use it for Apple Pay. The thing that really still bothers me is the app switcher. I switch keyboards a lot and the amount of time I try to switch keyboards and trigger the app switcher is not funny. Also holding to be able to close, what were you thinking Apple????? Finally the amount of screenshots I have of my lock screen, because I press the buttons while pulling the phone out of my pocket. C’mon Apple!

  12. Let’s face it, the iPhone X is a major failure. Apple has lost its mojo. There are just so many other players in the game right now that are truly innovative and giving customers the features they really want.

    Why continue to wait years for Apple to get its shit together when you can have it all now.

    Samsung galaxy S9, I’m coming for you!!! 😎

  13. There were plenty of warnings about it before it was released, I’m glad I listened. It’s going to be some time before I buy anything brand new from Apple, iX aside, my 2017 12.9” iPad Pro’s touchscreen freezes, a lot, and during games that’s unacceptable. At WELL over £1k for the whole set up, I’m not happy. iOS 11 has almost ruined Apple for me, trust is a big thing.

  14. I had the X since it was first release and I do agree on how the notch doesn't allow for a lot of icons to show. I did had 'do not disturb' on once and was wondering why i was not hearing any calls. Pulled down the notification menu and saw that it was toggled on. Having to lean over and look at my phone on a flat desk doesn't annoy me too much. I did at first but now I'm so used to lifting my phone and glancing at it to unlock and do what I need.

  15. So… It’s Apple’s fault that you have the memory of a goldfish and can’t remember to turn something back on?

    Or did you make this video to convince your girlfriend that that’s the reason why you don’t reply, and not something else?

  16. So… It’s Apple’s fault that you have the memory of a goldfish and can’t remember to turn something back on?

    Or did you make this video to convince your girlfriend that that’s the reason why you don’t reply, and not something else?

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