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Apple iPhone X hits stores, tech giants face US Congress

In this week’s wrap-up, Apple’s hotly anticipated phone causes people to line up at Apple Stores around the world. Meanwhile, Facebook, Google and Twitter …

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  1. Poor Google and especially Samsung as the only time I’ve ever seen this many people lined up outside Samsung stores was to get a refund for the exploding recalled Note 7. 😂💯

  2. iSheeple are very insecure so they need the latest apple product to make them think they're cool.

    Seriously though? Whats the pain in waiting for a 1000$ phone? A 1000$ is a lot of money, and you should wait and see if the phone develops issues a couple months in. There's no benefit at all in standing in line to be the "first" to have the product (unless you're planning to sell to other iSheep).

  3. Still don’t understand why people are complaining about that $1000 price tag. Most modern phone cost anywhere from $800-$1000 and you pay it off in 2 years. That’s $400-500 per year. Not a bad deal at all tbh

  4. I traded in my iPhone 7 plus for the note 8 instead of getting the iphone x and honestly was the best decision I've ever made. All these customizations and all these features are still a little bit overwhelming but i couldn't be any happier

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