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Apple is bringing iOS and Mac apps together (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 115)

For Apple to move toward bringing iOS and MacOS together as one was just a matter of time. Is Apple throttling the performance of older iPhones with worn-down batteries? Plus, it’s the four-year…

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  1. Follow up… The Mac Pro is the black guy of Apple history Brian? Hey Tong, shouldn’t the new power pad have long range charging? I thought that’s what they were working for with Qi that was different about theirs. Apple Qi vs Samsung Qi Prize Fight to break in Elon as new CEO? Older phones: If Apple makes more money off Apps than Phones then Apple should have a broader range of phones available. Keep up speed and security Apple. There are other countries where people use older versions of apps that are more optimized for older phones because their markets sell cheaper or older phones. It’s a whole business opportunity.

  2. Bryan you saying don’t update an older iPhone with an older iOS version but there are numerous security flaws/holes in the OS are being found while updating the current latest OS. Are the older iOS more secured than the latest iOS version. Now it becomes what’s more important, performance or security?

  3. Apple are in the business of selling hardware, the quicker they can encourage that the better for them. I'm a software engineer and I have been saying for years that they are intentionally crippling older hardware.

  4. Personally think it would be a clumsy interface, with way too much clutter. I mean it works on an iPad because you are limited to the number of windows. I generally keep around 8-12 desktop apps running at once. It is already a mess.

  5. I think they need to focus real heavy on games as well they announce all this high tech stuff in these Apple devices that run metal and everything but we still see these shitty games this would be a perfect time for Apple to gain some video game market share

  6. I hate to be that guy that says 'Steve Jobs would hate' this or that, but I'm sorry man, I just can't help but feel like he'd be completely against this decision and what it might encourage for the future.

  7. Ios apps are for phones and tablets..they are messing up the whole computer experience. All they do is continuing creating OS's that don't reflect to the Mac experience. Like music production apps. Just gonna keep all my old stuff. They lock the OS on IOS and now screwing up the Mac OS.

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