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Apple products overdue for a refresh (CNET Top 5)

Apple has some devices that are just sitting around and gathering dust. Maybe it’s time for some changes. Watch more from CNET Top 5 here – Subscribe to CNET:…

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  1. ipod classic 1TB

    an actual apple tv, not just a set-top box

    new apple in ear monitors (with a wired jack version)

    turn the iPhone Lightning Dock into a dac amp

  2. This video is pointless. You can say until the sky has fallen but Apple has no intention to change it's business model as long as there are cows to be milked, or zombies brain to be fed.

  3. Tim Cook will be the failure of Apple. He should’ve stuck to supply chains. Apple needs to redesign their design team. I have so many ideas that are extremely futuristic and valuable imagine how many others out there could save them. They need a Steve Jobs or the future of Apple will be a brand and nothing more. In 10 years Apple products will be irrelevant that is a promise. Cars is not the future, mobility is. There’s a difference. I hope they see how dumb it was to focus on tax avoidance instead on the future.

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