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Apple Watch Series 3 will have LTE, no direct calling (Apple Byte)

Apple invests a $1 billion in original content, the Apple Watch Series 3 is on track for a Sept. release and the App Store icon looks like Popsicle sticks. Subscribe …

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  1. These tiny incremental upgrades are getting so goddamn boring. When will Apple go back to actually becoming innovative, like back when when the iPhone 3G was announced and when the iPad was a unique product? Now they've become the EA / CoD boring product pushers.

    RIP Steve Jobs. They're all shit without you.

  2. with disney pulling out of netflix and apple looking for more content, an apple/disney mashup would be awesome! apple music clearly has the cash for the licensing disney would be looking for and could put apple music in a totally different space!

  3. 4:20 I suspect that some of the people taking photos and/or videos for Apple leaks are using the "Angel eye" spy cam, which from what I remember, only records in standard definition.
    Another one is a thing that constantly records (I think), but is a very small IP camera with no case (the board and battery are wrapped in shrink tubing), the camera module is on a ribbon cable but the microphone is attached to the PCB. I've seen it on but forgot their part number for it.
    5:05 That very much reminds me of a mall here called "Junction 8" but the logo is stylised as "JUNCTI8N".
    6:01 Ah yes. There was the Apple trashcan, the Apple dental floss, and now the Apple popsicle sticks. I really wonder now if Apple designers get inspiration from their kids.

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