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Backstage at BattleBots blew our minds, the Rick Moranissance begins | Stream Economy #3

Bill & Ted 3 gets officially official, Nintendo’s Switch service won’t include a Virtual Console and we go behind the scenes at BattleBots for some sweet, sweet …

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  1. I was on baord with show till ashley shit on Virtual Console. To be honest I think gamers kinda freaked because nintendo online service is still not fully fleshed out and they should not panic. But saying stop playing old games is just a dumb statement. do you not re-read a favorite book or not re watch a favorite movies or tv show? its the same for old games ashley. plus a lot before don't have access to the old consoles to play those classic games so it keeps those games alive for new generation. it doesn't take time for nintendo to put up emulated game vs building a new game from scratch so i don't get why think its the same team that works on both for nintendo to where they put things on hold to make new game.

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