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Best of CES 2018: Day Two

We wrap up the best of what CNET editors have seen at CES so far — including a cool color wall, a Star Trek-like tricorder device and a power outage. Subscribe to CNET:…

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  1. I don't see the need for dual screen phones, and advertising is a terrible use. Now future phones, a while from now, with displays as thin and flexible as fabric, that is rollable and can be rigid when extended could merge tablets and phones.

  2. Was there ANY discussion on environmental impact of all this stuff in use and afterwards, as well obviously as the energy to make all of it? Any? Yeah, it’s all fun and cool and I like a lot of it, but it’s all bull. Is our future really about 24/7/365(6) diversion from reality? I guess so. Google is Pavlov and we are all his dog. Funny the old guy and the hyper valley-girl both missed the middle guy’s point on watch fingerprint reader being used to authenticate all devices we are near. Right over their heads. Samsung just patented a fingerprint reader on watches. I’m sure Apple does as well.

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