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BlackBerry sues Facebook over messaging patents

Several BlackBerry patents were used by Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, according to the suit. Facebook says it’s going to fight. Subscribe to CNET:…

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  1. They are all common sense things, showing time etc, should not be under copyright. Blackberry is totally Lunatic, they had all the market & lost it because of there own fault just like Nokia, Sony etc when you stop doing innovative, exploring new this & a head of competition.

  2. Some people here are getting the wrong idea. Blackberry is suing because their intellectual property was stolen from them. Regardless of the current state of their business, it is their right to seek due compensation from messaging services who benefit from their ideas. Suing is a lengthy and costly process, and they had to make sure that they make a sound case.

  3. Whats next apple suing over patents and images because they're slowly dying business since day, one of only having 14 percent market share at most. Oh shit they already doing that. Next to go down the tubes. Apple and its iPhone.

  4. This just shows how desperate blackberry is when you're less than one percent of the market, it's time to sue everyone and anyone just to try to come back into reverence. Unfortunately sing makes you little bad. Blackberry. You are dead, you didn't innovate. He did not read the market. I didnT think outside the box you are dead. The best thing blackberry can do is make good software and good encryption for that software and sell it to businesses and government. Make it a license fee. Yet might actually come back to reverence. Eyes rolling in my head.

  5. These are such basic features! What the hell? A circle with a number just to show unread messages is patented? This is so stupid. Such simple user interface features.

  6. Facebook is a company built on deception, lies, dishonesty and theft.

    No doubt it will continue to thrive, but it is a notoriously uncouth company.

    No matter how big blackberry’s win- it won’t stop Facebook doing what it does. At least it’ll be a precedent of Facebook being rebuked and reprimanded for the unconscionable way it chooses to operate.

  7. Boy that Zuck is a stealing mfer.
    After watching all of the functions and ideas facebook and instagram has stolen I now believe he probably DID steal the idea of facebook from the Wink Twins.

  8. Wow, the desperation of an ailing company. This is so sad. I didn't switch to whatsapp because I can see damn timestamps… I switched because no ones uses bbm. Blackberry should be ashamed for this low blow

  9. Why is a smaller company (Blackberry) sueing a HUGE COMPANY THAT IS BIGGER THAN THEMSELVES?! This is so dumb! Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will win this!

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